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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Try This…

Updated on May 29, 2013

In everything created, made, done, produced and achieved under the sun, there is one or more methods…and these “methods” work itself out with less efforts in the physical senses but they ease out from within;

The “background method” from within…

I was ten years old when my Dad brought us, his family comprising my Mom, me, my sister and my brother (including my Dad) to live in our farm called Chile Valley; his objective was for us to experience farm life and to be closer to nature.

The whole family lived there for two and a half years; true enough, I had learned valuable lessons in nature that had greatly contributed to my spiritual strength and being in the years to come and most especially when in a given seemingly difficult situation in any areas of my life, nothing else could help regardless of what I do.

These valuable lessons had been keeping me through and are continually guiding me in any of my endeavors; so that I can draw strength from this well-spring the spiritual guidance and ability to discern what ordinary and naked eyes cannot see.

Observations in nature;

The lone and arrogant tree standing tall on top of that high and lofty mountain

Almost every morning when I woke up and at dusk before retiring inside the farm house and including those times when I played with my sister and brother outside the house; and no matter what I did in that farm life in all those two and a half years…the presence of that lone arrogant huge tree standing tall and high towards the clouds and on top of that seemingly unreachable distant yet clearly visible high and lofty mountain across the deep and wide yet strong rapids Cagayan River; seem to send me a message that only emanated from its natural energy. Over the years I had developed and established a certain type of connection to that beautiful mountain and everything around it that contributed to its attraction to me.

One day I asked my Dad what it is on top of that big mountain within sight but so far away; he answered “Oh that…it is a wide plateau and there is a big town farther over called Imbatug where most people are ranchers with many employees as cowboys…” he further added that he once had his own ranch over there with five hundred cattle, but it was long before I was born and before the Japanese occupation in the Philippines where all my Dad’s properties were confiscated by the Japanese and in which he became a prisoner by them.

My brother and sister may just have ignored that beauty in nature but for me, it had become an epitome in how my life was going to be. The following is the song I had composed that had been inspired by that mountain;

“Oh how proud is that huge mountain; competing with the clouds up in the sky in God’s throne of glory;

There’s a huge tree that grow so tall on top of it;

Where eagles nests in habitat;

Evidence of man’s lofty imagination to solidify in its own time and space;

Applied lessons from such experience with nature;

“Let those who have eyes see, ears hear…”

My personal application:

“I am the mountain, my son (future son at the time) the tree. I am the mother, I make him the millionaire which he is now, but I am mother earth too so I make the one I love who is close to me or are rooted in me to become the millionaire that he deserves…because of my love and nurture…”

Applications to the Universal Law and to those who abide in it: The method to becoming a millionaire;

Let it be known and let’s face it that only few, comparatively, reach the heights of success, as far as becoming a millionaire is concerned.

For the purpose of this writing,Millionaireis the term I use for the “heights or peak of financial success” or living a “life of abundance and bliss” as perceived and within an imaginable and convincing possibilities in the individual’s point of view.

The potential Millionaire; are you?

1. Seeing “what does not exist” hence believing the incomprehensible, hence living in that state of seeing what “does not exist” and believing in what is impossible…

2. Giving meaning to the meaningless hence “living meaninglessly” and easily while situating in a fertile environment…

3. Picking or noticing specific irresistible objects, natural or man-made; which you convincingly identify yourself, and live with it for a given period, probably one or two years.


In one of my chats with my husband, he told me to enumerate the steps and methods of what I am trying to explain to my reading audience and also to quote the source of my reasoning in order to prove its validity. In response, I told him that I lived and had proven all the validity of my philosophy and my own life is my source. Everything I said here worked for me and I am living it. I don’t have to prove anything, I am not a copy-cat and I know what I am talking about.

If what I say here does not work for everybody but it does work for me then I must be special; and if I am special like I had successfully convinced myself that I am then there must be a lot of special people out there who also had convinced themselves in the depths that they are special. In this sense, all I say here will also work for them.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Explore yourself…nature will help you become the natural millionaire that you are. Good Luck!


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Hi Friendship,

      Am just waiting for you to come over...

    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Hi Friendship,

      Am just waiting for you to come over...

    • TENKAY profile image


      5 years ago from Philippines

      I think this is doable... I will try this, but I need more instructions from you... I want to be a millionaire!!!


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