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Updated on October 25, 2009

Check Cashing

First I would like to say that I was very appreciative that I was receiving a small amount of money from The State Of Florida Unemployment Department. We all know that it is a struggle to find any job. The stress that is being placed on ourselves and our families is quite high. The fear of pushing a shopping cart, is a possible reality.

This last week, the unemployment check was stuck in cyberspace and if I did not contact their office, the check would have remained floating in their system. I knew that this check was going to be delivered on a Saturday, after the Banks had closed. Do not tell me about direct deposit, which would have avoided this problem, I am in fear of a Bank levy which would swoop down and eat all my funds, regardless of the fact and law that states unemployment checks can not be taken.There is a certain greedy Bank that is taking all the funds, because they believe they are above the law.

On Saturday afternoon I call Wal-Mart and I ask if they cash unemployment checks. I am told that they do cash the checks. I drive to Wal-Mart, present the check and ID, and the guy is trying to do something on his computer. he finally tells me that he can not cash the check and he does not know why. I am handed a little piece of paper and told to call the number on the paper.

I drive home, because I can not use my pre-paid cell phone and use my minutes, and I call this company. I give them all the information and I am told that they could have done an override to cash this check. However, I am told that there is nothing wrong with me, or my banking, but the reason I am given is that this type of check is causing financial loss. I asked for a better explanation, but I did not get an answer other than the one he gave me. 

I said to this guy, if I understand what you are really saying, it is that your company who is contracted  through Wal-mart will not cash a State check, because Wal-Mart can not assure that all the funds given will be spent at Wal-mart. Then why does Wal-mart tell people that they will cash an unemployment check in the first place?

During my search to cash this check, and after I went to a local check cashing place, I found out that even  a check cashing place, will required that most of the funds are placed on a pre-paid visa card, that has fee's for all the transactions. The check cashing place could not scan the check, which meant I was not getting a dime.

My stress levels were rising, first Wal-Mart, then a check cashing place, and even when I called their other branch I was trying to speak to a Spanish lady that could not speak English or tell me where the business was, because even though she worked there, she did not know where she was. She has a job, go figure.

The nice man at the check cashing place told me to go to a local Spanish store around the corner who likes to cash government and state checks. I really thought he was kidding, but I went to the Spanish store, and they cashed the check without one problem. I was so relieved and happy that they cashed the check that I bought some stuff there, instead of Wal-Mart.

I will not shop at Wal-Mart any more. I can not read their products anyway, because they are in different languages. I will go to Target, maybe I can read their stuff.

Wal-Mart has the right to their own policies, I respect that. But do not tell the public that you do cash unemployment checks when you do not. I think Wal-Mart has gotten too big for their britches, and their level of customer servicing is very poor. 


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  • profile image

    De 6 years ago

    I went to walmart to cash a government check and they refused me. I use a P.o. box for saftey reasons and was declined. I had used them for 2 years, now this CRAP. I spoke to the manager and he states because of high fraud checks. Hey I had all my ID and was still turned down. I wont shop their any more period.

  • profile image

    me 7 years ago

    What the deal with walmart they claim they cash government check well isn't and unemployment check a government check and they want cash them anymore in shelbyville so what the deal just because u don't get a prepaid card and don't put money on it they stop i did a lot of shopping at walmart but now i don't too they lie about what they do they don't cash all government check and i bet there a lot more people who feel the same way we do

  • profile image

    shirley 7 years ago

    I feel the same way our wal mart has stop cashing our unemployment check and i do a lot of shopping there i don't get a prepaid cards with any of the money but i do my shopping there and i feel like wal mart lie about cashing government check because they don't our they would cash unemployment check