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Wachovia Banks overdraft ripoffs

Updated on February 28, 2010

In my opinion Wachovia Bank overdraft fees is their best method of ripping off their customers. The transactions are juggled around more than a juggling ball at a circus!! Please view the pictures below and you will see just what i mean. Look at the conflict between what is available in my account on February 22 2010. Online both transactions for McDonalds cleared the account leaving a balance of $57.75 followed by a $70.00 overdraft fee leaving a balance of $-12.25! How they get away with this is beyond me but my theory is these overdraft transactions target the poorest people and the elderly who might have difficulty doing anything about it!

A photograph of a printout from my online account information

Click thumbnail to view full-size

photographs of the unavailable funds notices

Click thumbnail to view full-size

A Refund

I went to the bank with my print out in hand and was told I can not go by the online bank statement because it does not reflect how the bank actually processes incoming transactions. As a courtesy they would refund $18.00. I said NO I want my $70.00 back because the two transactions that they are charging me overdraft fees for clearly had already been paid and cleared my account. The person helping me told me the computer had already issued the $18.00 to my account and it would not allow her to change that! If you will notice below the order in which the transactions were presented have changed from day to day.

I found a match and a transaction cleared!!

On February 23, 2010 the unavailable funds notice says my available balance is $.75! That is after the $70.00 overdraft fee, the $18.00 refund + the $5.00 I deposited to cover what the bank statement said I overspent. A $10.00 purchase cleared! With the $57.75 I had in the bank the math works but where is the overdraft and how is that possible?

oh my how the figures have changed

where is the $1.67 balance?

another overdraft fee and another refund

My account is now $290.97 overdrawn and that is $350.00 in overdraft fees with two refunds of $18.00 and $61.00.

February 22,2010

February 22,2010 was not like just any other day for me. It just so happens that on this day my grand daughter should have turned a year old. She died of SIDs in March of 2009. I had performed CPR on her making her death even more difficult for me to deal with it, I still cry. Not that the Bank would care even if they did have knowledge of this but it being her birthday I was having a bit of difficulty getting through the day. My daughter had a terrible tooth ache so I let her use my card at CVS to get something for her pain. I didn't have any cash on hand and I had just under $60.00 in the bank so I figured we were ok. We went over to the dollar store and got three balloons to release at the park as our way of honoring her birthday. The car starts beeping low fuel wouldn't you know! When it rains it pours right? We stopped for gas. After releasing the balloons my daughter is still suffering with a toothache so we went to Walmart for some Anbesol. She goes in to get it while my grandson and I wait in the car which begins to overheat. I needed to use the bathroom anyway so I take him in to the store. He points out the McDonalds and reminds me that I have not made dinner yet and he is hungry. The car needs to cool anyway, lets get a happy meal while we wait. While they are eating I decide to pick up a few things that we needed at the house. With all these swipes on such a difficult day I over spent by $4.96 which I deposited the next morning.

Please help

Well my life has gotten busy and I am not the greatest at keeping track of all these little purchases and tend to rely to heavily on the information the bank discloses to me on any given day! But! If you are an accountant that can show me 10 overdrafts I would appreciate your comments. If you are a lawyer interested in a class action suit you will find many other stories like this online and I will be glad to assist in any way I can! As for me I will try to enjoy my day.


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    • profile image

      jackie 7 years ago

      can you find out of state dept. the amount on overdraft fee rif off in Florida 72 age i need help want true kind bank to work on low income few check. not big rifoff.

      Tell want state dept over bank can do on this problems.

      It Wachovia bank use it get into increase the bank revenes not for fair price when true overdraft at reason fee .

      or do yo know any group like go to attorney file group lawsuit.