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Walgreens Bringing Back Liquor In Stores

Updated on March 21, 2011

Liquors Back at Walgreens

I guess you've all heard the news that one of the worlds largest pharmacists retail stores "Walgreens" is bringing Liquor back to its store. Funny thing is I don't remember Walgreens even selling Liquor at all in the past. Now you can pick up your medications,grocery shop,get a couple magazines or a tv guide and a couple six packs of Miller High Life at Walgreens. I guess Walgreens is  doing this to be able to compete with stores like Dominicks and Jewels who already get great business from the sales of Liquor. This is great for some neighborhoods that don't have local Liquor stores because you can always find a Walgreens, then again maybe it wont be so great it depends on the pricing. But, for the neighborhoods that have a liquor store at almost every corner, I can say without a doubt that Walgreens wont see that much business from the sales of Liquor.

I have always shopped at Walgreens since I was a kid and its been around since 1901 and everyone has visited a Walgreens before whether rich or poor. Now if Walgreens could only expand a little more and start selling the name brand fashions but at a retail bargain like the A.J Wrights and Burlington Coat Factory you could pick up everything for the family in one place.


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    • profile image

      Sally 6 years ago

      Way to go Walgreen's! It makes shopping easier than running from one toe to another.

    • profile image

      Chrissi MacGregor 7 years ago

      I always knew that Walgreens sold liquor, It was when I moved to Goergia that I found out that it was not typical. But, then again Georgia likes to control everything!!!

    • profile image

      Analyze This 7 years ago

      They ought to bring back the lunch counters!

    • profile image

      WalgreensLiguorGuy 7 years ago

      I worked in a Walgreen's Liquor through out college. Never had a problem with anyone coming in the store and being drunk. My Walgreen's was located in a college town near the campus.

    • profile image

      SHADOW 7 years ago

      I just saw a comment on this post about strung out alcoholics and their guns.

      This is an insult to myself and Walgreens.

      This can happen anywhere and as I can see, this persons name is Stony, GO FIGURE. Have another drink Stony. I can't remember anybody that was drunk and came into a Walgreens liquor and robbed the place. SOME PEOPLE...

    • profile image

      JENNY 7 years ago


    • profile image

      stony123 8 years ago

      Shame on you Walgreen's, I know the only thing you care about is making more and more money--but do you really want to open that can of worms. You're already using cashiers as security--who'll protect your cashiers when the strung out alcoholics come in for free liquor and they have guns; Oh I forgot, you don't give a damn about your employees.


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