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Walking thoughts as projections of the Ancient Ones

Updated on April 29, 2016


No one can tell you, unless they do, how to label a this or that. If you think red is maroon, it is to your thinking and that it is still reddish is the variation that makes senses projected life. That you project the education you learned onto other people and environments, to make them your own images in your mind is your entire life, from time to time when light was before the light that was well trapped in creation. That it was sent once to a place and sound trapped it like a wave in the night illusion of life was a need. It was beyond the dawn of meaning and that it like Nebulas in space carried life was the illusion of beings, that projected their explanations on life on the vastness of thought once.

Ask a cloud of solar gases what color it is and what reflects the light that photographers now is needed in coloration of lenses, then ask what was the vantage point and the meaning to be in search in the colors landscapes of the known yet unnamed?

It was once that many people had seen images of this or not that when with the naked eye they daydreamed, that it was the thoughts to make futures real was the gift that reflecting patterns of eyes to sighted skies do illusions marry in the sense all of the meaning known. It is neither then in my sight nor yours for we see saw the same and seen in the light different meanings of our unique lives and experiences, then speak your life for your life to life and light to molecular weight rises, even as the walk passes through the air you move time in. That you could not touch without time is the thought that you would not move and see nor focus on the depth of field and the contrast needed to see the saturation of the sense or senses in your dirt of flesh. That thing that holds your spirit in the meaning you sing it with.

That the head like a tree out of land is the root home to the body is the truth of planting. Had then the spread been more than delicious that self to self the production was mimicked and yet some refused, and then they denied the flesh it's calling. Not that it was the choice of choices to be the life that it was to be and was in the life it lived. Then be your life and live to life you. You rarely live any life of your own, and that will hurt the most when you see the cost of your genetics and the learning that trees laid down for free in the slaughter for your educations. Think to a formative time when you never remembered and all was not that learned having never. Think in judges robes the learned outcomes never are the hands that lived the coveted seeds of another, damned that all would see their learning. No freedom, no choice but to think your life in thinking your own afterlife into the shallowness of single thoughts.

You wanted to damn, challenge or live a life that none remember from my formative lives, then know the cost of the animals programmed to the hell that they are in flesh now, women. They dared to skip the invited stages of nature and be damned in them, that would single belief curse and that their March would be endless would be the damnation of the single heart and belief, yet that some believed in more than a world was their salvation. Fun for them, then in solitude stuck in their thoughts of one life in the money grubbing lands of this or that, and it was nature that did more than spirit to birth it into being, shame would sing one day when I am gone again from all but memory and thoughts.

Spirit is as spirit did in all belief I held in my heart, to cry like a child for nothing of all your spirits and beliefs even far from my home lands, in lights. Never mind any thing I said, it was a storm of thought and know you are bond to nothing except the lives you singly believed in, and that would be an eye opener. Had some believed in many beliefs then they would be, and yet I would not ask. Many did. I would thanks to them, and them to thanks that I believed in all their spirit houses be true. Have the life in your captive minds to the thoughts that bind you to their wills, mine is free again to be as I was sober of belief and beyond my trials of mine own hearts desires.

Had the women been more than just like their males then in love I would have felt, and they were not and in my life they had been their books of life read on their desires and lusts as well. Some lusted for the life of knowledge, spirit and some that never lusted and were, were. No finger pointing just a thought to think about the cost of your belief that the afterlife makes all pay and not the ground that all returned to as food or life again, I had been kind in my beliefs that some may see theirs in life and then they see. Open your eyes and admit your life.

It is easy for the accursed one to admit mine, my Steven Philip Lindquist life, and that they the made Heavens killed me and took me their hell to pay and then to shame me in my Hall, the filth of them and that they even breath in spirit is not of my matter I would regenerate in all the Universe of reflected light and may escape this hell to live again in the belief, you are those that anger fueled a fire once and touche. I think you never know what may lurk in the hell you all carry and the weight let it sing in your minds until no poison heals it and you speak out loud to the gods of your worship. I am not helping nor confusing the matter that a woman's world was the ruination of the last ones. They failed to see the light that echoed reflections of life on the coldness of the floor.

Let their flags fly and why they are in the mix of belief beyond their genetic knowledge then they will never be free without help, I will not a statue make this time of a choice. See the pattern that I remembered and the choice of chaos would chaos make when it is created in the chaos of the mixed beds of solar fusion. Having said that, the choices were never freedom, they were choices all around.

Choice to dance, choice to steal a life and then forgive. A stab in the heart of a heartless one, they can not be rid and none would in my thoughts linger. They know what they had desired, and that lust their downfall, that I walk witness they well know why I am here, and beyond the religions I am all in time always. Never broken from that meaning in light, physical and spirit even the void when they think to create meaning of it, do you see I win when I lose for all you to see suffering of longing for a savior or a lesson. Some psych test.

I would love had magic not been whored to loneliness and then I walked in my life that road, all the other roads as well and the rest, they are their own illusion of knowledge so my care is that they will never be free of life and wish they wake from time to time to see the parts of the whole real, just briefly enough to see the slumber of life that lust was stolen. Fair to the wise, and fair be your life and listen not to what I say for I lie and I am not to be trusted with your hearts, they are too fragile and delicate. I lie and was life, my whole life lied and lived in the projection of all things of lust for spirit. Be the light of walks and generations to follow even in Everlasting spirit. Love when you can, try to suffer for it and regain that even if you are animals, in human robes. You know your spirits pass differently in kind, easier on the crossing. That all are in all the light of beyond that, you will see your life your own.


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