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Want a 2nd Income? How to Build Your Empire

Updated on August 14, 2011

With the rise of the Internet and the amount of money flowing through the the Web every day, there's no reason for anyone to tie themselves down to a job they hate. As long as you have the passion, skills, and knowledge to succeed, you can build a 2nd income stream that can even potentially surpass and replace your current income.

All well and good - but how exactly do we do this? To succeed, you need to build a solid foundation upon which your empire can grow and flourish. This article will give you some general 2nd income ideas that use the power and leverage of the internet to make you money. Read on for four foundations, or basic tips, to get you going.

Step One: Educate Yourself.

You need to learn the opportunities out there. From affiliate marketing to advertising earnings, from selling your own digital products to providing services for clients, there are many ways to make money online, and they are becoming more numerous and profitable each day.

This article is part of your education, and whether it's the first step or the 238th step in your money making endeavors, use it as a call to action to learn as much as you can. Pour your time into learning systems like these or any other money making ideas you can find.


Step Two: Get organized.

You won't make money in any business endeavor if you are not organized and geared to success. You can't approach this process haphazardly.

I suggest making a system of spreadsheets, file folders, binders - whatever you like - to keep track of your initiatives, profits, expenses, assets, and other features of your business. You'll appreciate having this information all in one place once you get rolling.

Step Three: Focus on high value activities (HVAs).

There are certain things in life that get you results, and other things (most things, probably) that lead to nothing but wasted time.

Your time is your most valuable resource, so don't squander it on activities that fail to provide you and your business long term value. 

Step Four: Work at it.

Anything that promises you instant success with a push of a button is no good. Think about it - if their supposed system worked so well, why would they give it away to their competition? Be ready to work and provide value to your clients and customers - that's the way to build your empire.

In addition, though you will be making a 2nd income from home, you need to take it seriously and work at it every day. If you slack, you will not meet your full potential, even if the system is a great one. Remember that 2nd income jobs are, in some ways, just that - jobs. It's not about "fun" but about "production" - even if you're working in your pajamas.

Get started with your business empire today; let this system be the beginning of your research and never look back. Good luck!


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