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Want an Easy Way to Get Free Prizes? Try Swagbucks!

Updated on June 18, 2013

It's hard to get things for free these days right? Most places where you earn money or prizes, you either have to sign up for mailing lists, give away personal information you might not want to, and probably wait for longer than you want to claim your prize. I haven't tried surveys, but I have heard from some sources that they payout takes too long or you don't earn enough for the effort you put in. Have you heard of Amazon Turk, where you earn a money for doing 'tasks'? Some claim that you earn pennies, and it's not worth it.

So What's Swagbucks?

Enter Swagbucks. If you haven't heard of this popular site already, swagbucks is a place where you simply sign up, and do things that you probably do on a daily basis (like search on the web or watch videos) and earn points. These points can be then redeemed for various items such as gift certificates, discounts at stores, or different things you can use around the home. I haven't redeemed actual items as I've found out through different people that a $5 amazon gift card is the best deal.

So What Do I Have To Do To Get These So-Called Points?

The easiest way to earn points is by doing your online searches through swagbucks instead of your usual search engine. The more you search through them, the higher your chance of earning points. You won't earn points every time you search, but you might as well try if you use something like google or yahoo on a regular basis.

Another way that is fairly easy is to watch videos that are featured on there. Granted, it doesn't have as big a selection as youtube, but I've found some videos from the Food Network on there. You have to watch about 10 videos to earn about 3 points.

Some more options include clipping coupons (from, where you hear points for every coupon you redeem. You can also fill out surveys for points, trade in items for points, do tasks similar to Amazon Turk, play games, and different daily offers they have.

How Much Can You Actually Earn?

It depends on the tasks that you do and how often you do them. The great thing about this is that you don't have to spend a ton of time to begin earning prizes. Like previously stated, if you already play games, watch videos and search the web, then why not do while earning points. You can also get points if you refer someone and they sign up because of you. If you want a guage in how much you can earn, I signed up in September 2012 and have earned $45 in Amazon gift cards. I've filled out some surveys, watched videos, did some searches and clipped coupons.

Is It Worth It?

That depends entirely on you. But you never know until you try right?

Note: I can't directly link to the site, but if you want to give me some love and have me as your referral for Swagbucks, I earn a few points from you signing up. My username is 'sarahshuihan', or sign up with out a referral. You do as you wish.


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    • rambansal profile image

      Ram Bansal 4 years ago from India

      Useful information for those who consider themselves 'lucky'. I am not one of them. I believe in my destiny wherein I choose the destination.