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Want to make money online from home?

Updated on January 6, 2011

Chasing a dream - making money online from home!

I can show you how to make $10,000 a month just like me. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you can share my jet set lifestyle whilst making money online from home! Oh and you'll have to pay me $49.99 a month, but you can easily afford that with your new found wealth cant you?!

How many of these type of adverts have you read? Personally Ive given up counting. Every time I go online looking for realistic answers to earning online, I'm bombarded with promises of massive wealth. After all who wouldn't like to transform their lifestyle by making money online. Working from the comfort of their own home?

Well I've been there and dreamt that! I think I've investigated just about every avenue and I'm prepared to share with you my experiences to maybe save you some time and effort. Now I could attempt to seduce you into paying me $99 for the privilege and add a few photos of yachts and mansions but by the time you get to the end of the article you'll understand why I'm convinced I don't need to.

Making money online from home

The obligatory expensive car photo
The obligatory expensive car photo

Making money online from home - what didnt work for me

I have to admit that very little of what I've tried would be considered a scam. For each of the making money online ideas that I'm about to discuss there are many people who have made them work and been very successful. However none of them worked for me for reasons I'll explain and this may ring true for you.

The first true attempt I made at making money online was to build a very basic fashion website for my girlfriend. It seemed like a bit of fun and at such early stages we had dreams of it making us piles of cash through advertising. We had no understanding of keywords or google or monetizing our site and after several months of trying we gave up. Looking back this first attempt at making easy money online was the most likely to succeed but we were hopelessly uneducated in SEO and websites.

This led to what we thought was an attempt to move into the real essence of making money online. In reality it would lead to an experience that would knock our online development back several years. I came across a 'you can get rich' site that encouraged affiliate marketing via google adwords. To make money online this way, you only had to fund a google adwords account and create adverts to sell other peoples products for commission. Needless to say the profit comes from advertising products for significantly less than the commission. Making money online this way was an act of sheer impatience. Early success led to a rash of impatience seeing us spend money we didn't really have spare 'chasing' the commission. With what I now know of google adwords this might have worked but you have to be prepared to effectively lose money getting it wrong till you hopefully get it right and make money online from it.

After stumbling across a listing for a diamond ring on ebay that had been mis spelt 'daimond' we thought ebay might be our next avenue to explore. Several years on we have tried twice to open 'shops' on ebay. Spent many, many hours of listing, photographing and shipping items for virtually no net profit. This making money online route is very time intensive unless you have access to a fantastic product at a great price. It certainly isn't a route to earning easy money online.

What next? The next solution to our online money making was playing poker online. With a good understanding of the game it seemed that all one had to do was to learn to play very well at a consistent level and then make money as and when we had the time. Now I know many of you are thinking what a foolish idea it was, you can never win in the long run blah blah.....Well making money online from poker is highly achievable. On numerous occasions I won four figure amounts in just a few hours of a tournament. Oh, you say, well if it was that great why did you stop? Well I haven't, but I have realised that I lack the mental discipline required for a steady consistent performance. The skills are there, the patience and dedication to the game isn't. I'll keep playing as a hobby and occasionally win some money online, but it wont provide an income online.

Finally worthy of mention is the establishment of my own website. Away from the internet I earn a living from my own company installing bathrooms. We took the leap last year upgrading from a home made website to a professionally developed one. Apart from the help it had given my business it has been a fantastic platofrm for practising a lot of SEO techniques and online advertising. It doesnt make money on its own, but it is the closest ive come to making money online.

Learn from my mistakes! Make money online!

 Now none of the making money online ideas Ive explained above were scams, yet I still struggled to break away from financial mediocrity. What this has proved to me is that the concept of making money online quickly or easily is purely a dream. If you have money to burn then follow my route, try everything under the sun and find yourself in several years writing an article of bad lessons like this when you finally figure it out for yourself. If you think that with a quick google search of make money online and 99 dollars spent on your credit card you will discover some kind of cash utopia you are kidding yourself. Making money online isn't that easy....

Or is it? Making money online is easy....relatively!

 So you're still reading? Good! Hopefully its because the reality of earning money online is becoming clear. Its just a matter of expectations. Sure you came on here looking for the answer of how to make your fortune online. Well I cant offer you that. I doubt anyone can. If I knew how to do that, why on earth would I tell you right?

Yet what if I told you that by working hard in your spare time for the next year  (lets say an hour or two per day) and then for the following years putting in half that effort, you could increase your income by as much as $1000 a month?

Consider it. That first year it seems like a lot of work, but the beauty of this income is that it is always there. If you take a holiday, you'll still earn. If you are sick one day, you'll still get paid. If you only did one years hard work and then stopped, you'd still go on earning for several years.

Now doesnt that sound realistically achievable? Sure it might not make you rich but for most people a reasonable increase in income can change their lives. Larger home, nicer car, more holidays. Or get that credit card out and sign up to a dozen get rich quick scams...Your choice!

How to make money online!

So how do you do it? The answer is to write articles like these. they can be on absolutely anything you like. As long as you can string a few hundred words together you can start making money online. It really is that easy.

Now I have two types of articles. Informational ones like these and product review articles. Information articles make me money every time someone clicks on one of the adverts. On my product reviews I make a percentage of every sale that is made. Typically 5-10%. Imagine that! Write a page about laptops and every time someone buys one after reading your review you will receive as much as 10% of that items sale price! Making money online is a definite reality now isn't it?

Best of all, this is all free. The host, in this case hubpages rotates the advertising to sometimes show its own ads, making itself money 40% of the time. Templates make creating the articles easy, you can make several in an afternoon, all with a lot of earning potential.

I am a relative newcomer to this, I've written 38 pages in my spare time over the last couple of months but am already starting to make money online. Next week I am on holiday and wont be online at all. Yet I'll be making money the whole time.

If you are serious about making money online, put the credit card away and your thinking cap on.

 sign up to hubpages today and create that genuine residual income you have always dreamt of.


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    • CPDInteractive profile image


      7 years ago from Suite 606, 343 Lt Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

      Thank you for such well researched information.


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