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Warrior Forum WSO-A Scam or a Real Business Opportunity?

Updated on December 11, 2013

A Sample of Incredible WSO Claims from the Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is the biggest and most popular internet marketing forum on the internet.

And one of the most controversial and popular sub forums of the controversial and hugely profitable Warrior Forum is the Warrior Special Offers Forum.

A Sample of WSOs and Incredible Claims

As I write this page today I have taken a brief cross section of WSOs that are on offer. I could have taken a sample any day of the year and the products will be pretty similar to those listed below.

Take a look at them..

How To Make $3,447+ Monthly From Youtube With Simple 5 Min Videos - AMAZING METHOD!.

I was a Newbie. Now I am a Millionaire! Find out how YOU can do it too!-Loooaads of Superb Reviews!


$836 From 1 Video & 10 Minutes Work! Crush YouTube With My Post-Panda Ranking & Conversion Formula!

FREE COOL WSO: How to easily earn thousands every single month with this no nonsense 6 step formula

The $250,000/Year Business Model Revealed & $17,656 Per Month Explained Step-by-Step!

[RAVE REVIEWS] AMAZING Video Script sent me 1,005,088 TARGETED Visitors with ONLY 2 hrs of work!!

Google Page 1 for only $3. People are getting Result in just 2 Days. [5 Star Reviews]


There are a number of things to note about all of these offers.

1. Many will promise huge riches with very little work or effort.

2. Some will offer "push button" systems-systems that again allow you to bypass the "work" and "effort" part of building a successful online business and promise that you can succeed overnight.

3. Most of these offers promise specific sums of income, not round figures but specific numbers like "$17,656 per month"; and "$836 from 1 video"; and "$3,447+ Monthly" income.

This is a copywriting technique that aims to give more credibility to the offer rather than giving a round figure sum which will be less believable.

4. Most will also use capital letters and plenty of asterisks to grab your attention.

However the new law from the Federal Trade Commission may bring about changes in how some of these absurd claims are presented.

Federal Trade Commission's New Biz Op Rule-Effective March 1st 2013-The End of the Warrior Forum WSO?

Many Warrior Forum members are rightly concerned about the new Biz Op rule from the Federal Trade Commission, the consumer protection agency in the US, which will become effective from 1st March, 2013.

This new Biz Op rule widens the type of product and commercial arrangements which will be covered by the law and the Federal Trade Commission. It covers commercial arrangements where a seller solicits a buyer to enter into a new business.

This clearly covers a huge number of Warrior Forum WSOs as many of the claims to date are straightforward "start your own business" and "work at home" business opportunities promising millions of dollars per month in super quick time.

All you need is a computer and if you don't have one? Hey, we have something for you too..

If the product does fall within the remit of this new law then there are certain disclosure requirements set down which are included in three key areas.

1. You will be obliged to give the prospective buyer a one page disclosure document seven days before the purchase. This seven day time period is critical. How many WSO sellers are going to give you seven days to scrutinize your claims and reconsider their purchase?

2. If you make an earnings or income claim you have to give the purchaser a separate document entitled "Earnings Claim Statement Required by Law";.

3. You have to be truthful in your advertising and avoid deceptive practices.

This new Biz Opp law should be a game changer for the Warrior Forum WSO section.

I say "should" because I have no doubt that existing fraudsters and slime buckets will blithely ignore it and continue on with their make believe promises..if the Warrior Forum permits them.

How the Warrior Forum WSO Actually Works

The vendor creates a "product". This product will be generally a downloadable PDF document, variously called a report, ebook etc. or a piece of software.

So the vendor pays $40 to the Warrior Forum WSO section, concocts the most incredible claims imaginable, writers or commissions a sales pitch and lists the offer/product.

Many vendors will then contact anyone they know and ask them to leave a favourable "review" on the thread.

And Warrior Forum rules dictate that you can leave a favourable review about the product or the vendor..but you cannot leave a negative one unless you have bought the product.

And then if you have a problem you must take it up directly with the vendor, NOT the Warrior Forum.

So no matter how untrue you know the claims are, no matter how incredible or fake the screen shots of claimed earnings are, you cannot leave a negative review unless you have purchased the product.

And so the Golden Goose of the Warrior Forum continues to lay golden eggs for its owner.

The legions of Warrior Forum members who have been scammed by shysters have very little recourse because many of the scammers disappear and simply sign up again at the Warrior Forum under a different name.

Nevertheless there are some useful products containing useful information on the Warrior Forum WSO section.

But the likes of so called "respected" Warriors like John Durham advertising and selling WSOs and then openly failing to deliver the product leaves a bad taste in the mouth. (You can read about what Durham's "customers" think about him here.)

It is particularly unfair on the straightforward WSO vendors who have genuinely good informational products to sell which can deepen and broaden your education about succeeding online.

However these vendors are in the minority and make no mistake about that.

Warrior Forum Offline Forum's Jason Kanigan Conveyor Belt WSOs

Jason Kanigan has offered his fair share of WSOs from time to time. They promise to teach you how to become a cold calling sales superstar.

So the naïve or unquestioning might assume that Jason had spent his career in sales and was now prepared to share his expertise and wisdom in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum.

However you might be well advised to dig a little deeper to ascertain what Kanigan's credentials actually are..

You would find that some short 12 months before positioning himself as a sales training guru who would help you overcome your fear of cold calling Jason Kanigan was, in his own words, "writing operations manual for a used auto parts business" and seeking other writing jobs.

You might also be surprised to learn that in April 2011 Jason was actually looking for a job.

At some point in this seamless transition from technical manual writer Jason Kanigan became a recruitment consultant.

He even wrote a book purporting to help unemployed people to get a job.

In promoting his "getting a job" book Jason had a video uploaded to YouTube showing what appeared to be a happy young man called Brian telling viewers how Kanigan's book had helped him get job.

Later on the same young man appeared in a YouTube video extolling the benefits and virtues of Kanigan's sales training skills.

Fake Testimonials on YouTube
However it then transpired that Brian was actually a video maker and self employed guy who sold his services on and the video testimonials for both products were fake.

They were bought by Kanigan for $5 a piece.

When this was brought into the public domain Kanigan quickly moved to delete the videos for fear that the Federal Trade Commission would be interested.

The FTC don't like fake testimonials because they have this lawful remit to be concerned about "truth in advertising".

Warrior Forum WSO Rules
Jason also fell foul of the Warrior Special Offer forum rules when he offered a WSO sales training product for $297 in the WSO section..but offered the same product to his "subscribers" for $100 less.

This is a clear breach of the rules as you cannot offer a WSO at a cheaper price anywhere else.

You can learn more about Kanigan at this site: and while you are there do a search for "fake videos"..

Is the Warrior Forum a Scam?

Any newcomers to internet marketing will sooner or later wonder whether the Warrior Forum is a scam.

There is no doubt considerable evidence that some serious scams have occurred on the Warrior Forum. A simple Google search will throw up plenty of evidence of scams that have occurred in the past.

For example a guy calling himself Andy Tudor parted a lot of members from their money by promising an ad swap arrangement for his alleged 35,000 opt in subscribers.

He was charging from $250 to $500 for this service but it transpired that he did not actually have a list.

This scam proved to be an effective one and Andrew Tudor even owned up and confessed. You can read more about this scammer here:

Others to have difficulty with the allegation of "scammer" swirling around their head include John Durham who failed to deliver with most of his WSOs offered on the forum.

As recently as December, 2012 many of his disappointed customers were claiming that he had failed to deliver what he had promised in his latest wheeze.

You can read more about it here:

There is no doubt that there are plenty of low lifers prepared to lie and cheat for the chump change they can elicit from gullible newbies.

For this reason you really do need to approach the Warrior Forum with a healthy degree of skepticism. And failing to ignore what Google has to say about authority sites can see a lot of hard work and effort going down the tubes, along with your sites.

You will learn some useful stuff; but much of the useful stuff can be a forerunner for a subsequent WSO which fails to deliver on the promises.

It is unfortunate that the minority of members who do provide genuinely useful information are tarnished with the scam brush.

However until more people stand up and shout stop to the unbelievable claims, unsubstantiated assertions passing as fact, and fake screen shots..many innocent Warrior Forum members will have a problem being treated as serious business owners.

John Durham and the Alibaba Scam

John Durham, a well known "warrior" in the Warrior Forum Offline Marketing Discussions sub forum, is winding up to launch yet another WSO.

This one is about international brokering deals where the WSO purchaser will be told how to sell closeout inventory to China and other countries.

To set this WSO up, Durham uses the tried and trusted technique of firstly opening up a thread offering what appears to be useful information, answers questions fulsomely and promptly, and essentially sets up the market for the release of his latest WSO.

The link above is removed because Durham appeared to break even the Warrior Forum's lax standards (if they exist) in relation to self promotion and starting threads to prepare the "fans" for yet another WSO.

There are a couple of points to be made here:

1. Durham offers "proof" of sales. However on closer inspection you will see that the proof offered is actually a Google spreadsheet from Durham's Google account;

2. Durham has a long history of failing to deliver on WSOs.

Step back for a minute and think about what is going on here.

In the last few months Durham has openly admitted that he is "will be back on his feet soon".

But basically he hasn't got a pot to relieve himself in.

And now he is going to sell a WSO telling you how to broker international trade deals to gullible, naïve, and desperate internet marketing forum members.

The saddest part?

The number of people who think that Durham's thread is actually useful and who are waiting for the release of his WSO.


Durham cleared off the Warrior Forum due to the criticism from me and others who called him out on his consistent scamming.

His current whereabouts or activity is unknown.

Have You Bought a WSO?

Have You Bought a Warrior Forum WSO?

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© 2013 Ernest Hemingway III

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