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Ways Students can earn MONEY for anything they desire

Updated on September 2, 2015


I was known as the school salesman during my middle and high school years. Everyone either recognized me or heard of me during pass periods as, "the walk vending machine." Aside from my sales in school I also had many smaller businesses throughout the year depending which season we were in at the time. That still wasn't enough for the gigantic bill that followed after enrollment into college. Now I was searching, "Money for school, money for college, raising money, I need money for school, and make money while in school." All of which I will try and sum up in this Hubpage.

Raising money
Raising money

Raising Money

Raising money to me is seen as an art. Not many people can master this art, I know I still haven't. To raise money in and out of school can be a hectic business and an even tougher job if you have extra curricular activities and a girlfriend. Many students would say, "I need money for school" or that they needed the simplest things, school lunch money. My basic response to anyone that would tell me these things would be, "GET A JOB!" Easier said then done though. So how did I end up raising money without one of those low wage paying jobs that the average high schooler gets? I'll go more into depth on each of the following topics:

  • Make money selling things
  • Start a small business during breaks
  • Be the middleman
  • Join the National Guard
  • Apply for grants, scholarships, etc

So let us begin...

Things to sell in school to make money

There are hundreds of products that a student can sell to other classmates, anything from scientific calculators to condoms, yes, condoms. Everything depends on what is most needed in your school. Observe your school and now observe your local Walmart, preferably the snacks, drinks, and candy isles. Sam's Club or any warehouse store brings larger returns. Also cell phone products or trending items sell well. For those items I would look towards online stores such as, eBay, Alibaba, or any Chinese based store. It is best if you buy items directly from the supplier because you get them for pennies. I will talk more about things to sell in school to make money in the middleman section. To sum up this section though:

  • Energy drinks
  • Snacks/Breakfast items
  • Cellphone cases/Accessories
  • Candy/Gum

Become the walking vending machine. Make money while in school.
Become the walking vending machine. Make money while in school.

Start a small business during Breaks

This was one of my favorites because I had friends in on this one so everyone was making a little cash. Depending on the season we would either mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow, or clean garbage cans. That last one was frowned upon by our parents but it was our most profitable business. At first you are going to want to start off with just yourself and maybe one friend depending the area you live in. Once I raised enough money I would purchase another shovel or rake depending what season we were in again and hire another classmate. All my friends had school lunch money in their account and then extra left over for after school snacks. We were making money while in school and our parents approved. I thought that would be it for me but I discovered something else that made just as much money.

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Become the eBay

This was the simplest form of money making while in school once I discovered it. I heard a classmate say that he needed money for school and I jokingly asked him to sell me his iPhone. He laughed at first and agreed to my value which was a steal on my end. I had known about eBay and Paypal due to my father's eBay sales in the past, and thought if he could sell his Beanie Baby collection online that I could sure as hell sell an iPhone. So the eBay sells had began. I was buying old unwanted iPhones, Androids, iPods, and calculators. People knew what I was buying and so everyone came to me to make a quick buck, not knowing or willing to sell on eBay. I was raising money while taking notes in class and walking to use the bathroom. I would buy Ti-89 calculators for 20-30 bucks and sell them online for 60+ and double my profit. It's not that students were dropping out of school left and right not needing their calculators, it was just that many failed to keep track of their belongings. Sure it was wrong buying and selling the same exact iPod touch 3 times (kid you not), but I was making money. Who doesn't like making money? It's not like I knew the person that I sold or bought an iPod from. If I could sell it in school for a little less than eBay I would, because of the time it would take to be able to access the funds through Paypal. I wasn't making 10's of thousands of dollars to pay for my education though. I still was in need of money for college and needed to raise a crap load of money to attend college.

Apply for Grants, Scholarships

There are so many websites dedicated to grants and scholarships that this probably won't help much. Search and apply for them because the cash is out there for you to raise money for college. I applied and applied and to me seemed like a waste of time because I wasn't seeing any progress. I got pissed. I felt like giving up and calling the entire college thing quits. Just take a break and come back to it. That's what my counselor had told us. It wasn't like applying for multiple jobs within a week or something quick like that. Applying for scholarships and free money for school is meant to take a couple of months or a year, maybe 10 applications a month for a year. Give yourself ample amount of time to raise money for school. If you fall off the boat on this one then you can always go a different route. There is no one set path for you to take.

Keep calm and carry on.
Keep calm and carry on.

Joining the Guard

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I had joined the Guard to pay for school. They paid for all of it and then some. It gave me an excuse to come home one weekend every month from college, which I wasn't complaining. They paid for tuition, room and board, books/supplies, and then some. I won't go into depth with this topic here because I believe every State is different. For the most part it was a great experience. I'll probably dive into this subject more in another near future HubPage, so look out for that.

Conclude the whole raising money thing

If you skipped through this entire hub I'm totally cool with that (*cough* jerk). I'll just leave you with a summary of each section of this hub. The first, second, and third part about "Things to sell at school to make money", and so forth is basically buy cheap and sell high. Calculate at what price you plan on selling each item and if you will turn a nice profit from what you paid for it, basic. Applying for money for college part is to give yourself plenty of time, and stay calm. Lastly, if you want to try new experiences while gaining knowledge and money for school then join the Guard. My final statement about raising money would have to be a verse from the bible. 1 Timothy 6:7 says, "For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it."

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    • profile image

      Nash Conrad 2 years ago

      Nice article Eddy. I am a university student in Toronto. I, like you, have to deal with expensive tuition and living expenses.

      Your ideas are very interesting and rational, I appreciate your writing.