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How To Burn Less Electricity

Updated on March 10, 2013

Easy Ways To Reduce Electricity Use In The House

You don't have to read in the dark or take cold showers to reduce your usage of electricity. These simple steps will help you conserve energy and also save money.

Analyze Your Monthly Usage

First thing first, check your monthly light bills from the past year or so. This should be available to you by the company providing your service. Companies usually provide online records for up to a year.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help you save energy.

-Does your family stay up late at night with the lights on?

-Do you or anyone in your family leave the TV on when not watching?

-How many watts does your light bulbs use?

-How often do you or your family members go in and out of the house during the cold winter months?

What's the climate for your location of fortitude?

Conserving Energy In The House

If you pay the bills, one of the first steps you can take is to change from your high watts light bulbs to lower watt bulbs.

Don't fret, the newer technologies have created bulbs that are energy efficient and can shine brighter than the high watt bulbs.

The next thing to check are your outside lights. Although these lights are good to keep criminals and thieves away from your door steps, they don't need to be extremely bright and costly. So dim the lights a little, you may be surprise of the amount it will save you.

Do not...I not use light during the day, there is a huge light ball outside that God created for us, and it's free!

When you are doing things such as reading, use your candle instead of the room light. Some people have multiple bulbs in one room; uninstall some of those bulbs to save some money. I'm sure you can still see without your room looking like plain daylight.

Electricity Is Life

There have always been the need for electricity to carry on our daily activities. Much of electricity have been wasted causing the utility bill to sky rocket up the hill. We have wasted considerable of money on the ghost watching the TV in our rooms. We can do better than our counter-parts by saving a few extra cash at a time at home. These extra cash adds up over time; before you know it, you will notice the difference in your monthly pocket money.


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