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Ways of Making Money: Sell Stuff Online

Updated on September 1, 2010

Everyone wants to know how to make money online. There are actually a ton of ways of making money online, but one of the best ways is to sell stuff. Everyone has stuff they can sell, and it is actually pretty easy to find stuff to sell. Then, just pick the right marketplace online, and start selling. I will tell you about 3 different places to sell stuff online, and then I will show you how to go about finding stuff to actually sell online.


eBay is a great place to be able to sell stuff that you have around your home.  That is the best way to get started selling stuff online is by just finding things around your house that you could sell.  Then, all you need to do is hop onto eBay and set up some auctions and you can begin making money online.  Instead of doing auctions, you can do a set price for an item, so depending on the type of item, you will want to determine what type of sale you want on it.

It is always good to take pictures of your items so people see can what exactly you are selling.  You also want to make sure that you are being truthful in your description of the item.  A lot of people use the seller's reputation to determine whether or not they should buy items from them, so you don't want to have a bad reputation or no one will buy.


Some items just won't sell well on eBay.  If you are looking to sell to more of a local audience, or maybe you have large items such as a bed, a couch or other type of furniture, then Craigslist is a good option.  It is a free version of your newspaper's classified ads, and you can sell all kinds of items for free.  It is also a great place to find a job as well.

One tip for Craigslist is to price your item a little bit higher than what you want to sell it for.  A lot of times, people will try to haggle the price down on the items, so even if you do come down in price, you'll still be getting the amount you wanted in the first place.

Also, be careful on Craigslist.  If someone doesn't seem good, then either meet up at a neutral location, or just don't sell the item to them.  You do not want to get yourself hurt just by trying to make some extra money.


Do you like to make and sell crafts at craft fairs?  If so, why not take your crafts to a larger audience?  Etsy is basically a craft fair that is online, featuring tons of sellers of crafts.  You can set up your own store, and sell your crafts to the very people who are browsing around.  Go check it out, and see their ways of making money on Etsy.

How Do You Get Items To Sell?

Once you have found and sold all of the things in your house, what is next?  There are a few different avenues that you can go in order to find items to sell online for money.

  • Garage Sales - A lot of times you can find some great items at a garage sale that you can package up and re-sell.  Old board games, antiques, etc. are all great choices for finding items.
  • Estate Sales - Estate sales usually have some higher end items, as well as classic and antique items that can be re-sold online to collectors.
  • Storage Auctions - Sometimes people just do not pay their bills on time, and if a storage unit becomes delinquent, they will sell the items in an auction style.  You usually can't go in the storage unit, but they will allow you to look into it.  You can usually find some good items.
  • Dropshipping - You can connect with a warehouse that sells a particular item, and you can make a percentage of the item if you make the sale.  They handle all of the shipping, so this may be an option you'll want to look into.
  • Wholesale - Lastly, you can buy items at wholesale prices, and re-sell them online in order to make a profit off of them.  make sure you do your research and find items that you want to sell.


One of the best ways of making money online is by selling items to other people on the various marketplaces.  There are a ton of ways to get those items to sell, and as long as you are making a profit, it can be a really good business.

Good luck!!


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