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Ways to Make Extra Money Without the Internet

Updated on March 24, 2013

Are There Opportunities Offline?

In today's digital age, it seems like the only opportunities for creating additional income are online. It is true that there are many more opportunities online than off, and that the profit potential online is generally greater than that of offline endeavors.

However, not all people are interested in perusing an online second income. Some may not be very proficient with technology, while others may not have the resources. Some people may just enjoy working without a computer.

There are still money making opportunities offline. It will be easier to start making money off of some of the ideas listed below by advertising with the internet, but it is not necessary.

These ideas also require a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are not willing to commit the necessary time and resources into whichever of these projects that you feel you are qualified for, you will not be successful and will not make a decent second income. If you are willing to put in the time, you have the potential to create a supplemental income.

1. Become a Substitute Teacher

In most states, if you have Bachelor's Degree, you can submit an application to be a substitute teacher. You pay a nominal fee, and once you receive your substitute teaching certificate, you are eligible to be a substitute anywhere in the state. Upon receiving your certificate, you will need get yourself into the pool of eligible substitutes for whichever district you live near, and the process for doing so varies by district. If teaching interests you, this might be a good way to give it a try part time.

2. Tutor

This is similar to substitute teaching, but a degree is not always required. Many grade school, junior high, and high school students need tutoring in order to succeed. Many parents can not afford to go to a professional tutoring agency, so will hire tutors with classified ads or off of Craigslist. If you excel in math, English or science, your tutoring skills may be in high demand.

3. Teach a Course at Your Local Community Center

I receive a pamphlet about once per month about all of the little night courses that my town is offering. There are numerous types of classes available, such as Basic Computer Skills, How to Sell on Ebay, Belly Dancing, How to De-clutter Your Life, and there are many more.

Everybody has a special skill. It is possible that other people will want to learn that skill. You can teach a course on almost anything, ranging from fitness to language to technology. You can find out if your town offers these types of courses by checking out your local town hall or community center.

4. Be a Mover

If you have a truck or an SUV, you can make some extra money by offering your moving services on the weekends. Many people do not want to pay professional movers, especially in this rough economy, but they still need help moving. You can advertise your services on Craigslist for free or in your local paper for a nominal fee and potentially make 10-20$ per hour on a Saturday afternoon.

5. Do Handyman Work

There are many small tasks that people need done which they do not want to do themselves. Little old ladies need light bulbs changed. People need their toilets unclogged, their curtains hung up, their paintings hung, etc. Some people are truly incapable of doing these things on their own, while others just don't want to. You can perform these tasks for people for a small fee. The best place to advertise for this type of work is Craigslist, but you can also advertise in your local newspaper or Penny Saver.

One word of warning, do not conduct any work that requires a license, unless you have one. Leave the electric and plumbing work to the professionals.

6. Take on Some Small Jobs

Be a neighborhood dog walker, babysit a few nights per week, pick up a paper route. Yes, these are all jobs that teenagers traditionally do, but there is no rule against adults doing them as well. If you only need to supplement your income, these are great small gigs that can fit into almost any schedule.

7. Sell Items at Farmers Markets/Street Fairs

Many cities have a monthly farmers market or street fair, and they need vendors to fill their streets. You do need to pay the city to participate, and this fee can be quite hefty, upwards of $100. However, if you can afford the fee, it is a good way to showcase your product to the general population. These little festivals are great places to sell art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, produce, and anything else that you can imagine.


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