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Ways to Make Extra Money and Create Income

Updated on August 6, 2013

Could You Use Some Extra Income?

I'm sure that you, like most everyone else, answered "yes" to this question. Especially in these tough and often uncertain economic times, who would answer "no" to such a question?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways that people can make some extra money. There is one caveat to this though...none of it is easy. Almost anyone will have the ability to do one of the ideas listed below, but it takes work and dedication in order to make any real money. If you have a full time job, you may need to work a few hours every night and on the weekends. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, the pay off is worthwhile. There is so much potential income out there for those willing to put forth the effort and try to get it.

If you are willing to put in the work, seriously consider the ideas listed below. They can even be used as a primary source of income once you get the ball rolling on it.

Online Methods of Creating Income

1. Blogging

For those of you who are members of Hub Pages (which is probably most) this is a given. Writing articles online can create income. There are numerous websites available that host blogs. My favorite is Hub Pages, because it partners with Google and optimizes the chances that your blog will come up in search engine. There are many other options though, such as Blogger, Wordpress, Squidoo, and there are numerous others.

It is not easy to make money blogging. You need to dedicate a lot of time to writing your articles, updating them and getting traffic to them. I have been a member of Hub Pages for about a year, and I have only made about $100 through it. I am fully aware that my level of income from the site is directly related to the effort I put into it. In over a year, I only have about 20 hubs. I always tell myself I will do better, and write at least one per week, be active in the Hub Pages community, ask and answer questions, advertise my hubs on other websites etc. That lasts about a week. But I can tell you that I generally get more page views during the week that I am active on it. This isn't a coincidence. If you can generate at least one quality article per week, remain active on the site, and actively market your hubs via social media, you can make a decent second income writing for Hub Pages. If you can write more than that, you may even be able to create a primary source of income via Hub Pages. There are people who do it. It just takes a lot of work.

2. Creating Your Own Website

A lot of people aren't web savvy enough to build their own website from scratch, but with the numerous web hosting services available it is extremely easy to build a website. The difficult part is having content for the website that people will be interested in and optimizing your website for search engines (SEO). If you believe that you have these things, creating your own website may be the way to go. However, if you only like to write articles and don't have enough content to fill an original website, it would be more cost effective to stick with a blogging website.

If you do decide to create your own website, you will need to monetize it in order to create an income from it. The most popular way of doing this is through Google's Adsense program. Google will provide you with the proper codes for their ads, and you can place as many as you want on your website. You get paid per page view and per click. The payment amounts are minimal, so you do need a lot of viewers to your site each day in order to realize any profit.

The other way to monetize your website is through affiliate programs, such as Amazon. You can add a link to Amazon products on your website, and you will get a small commission if a visitor follows your link and then purchases the product.

(As an aside, if you aren't web savvy but want to learn, the website offers free classes. It is amazing)

3. Stock Photography

This is a good way for people who love to take pictures and upload them to make some extra money. A stock photo is a photo that businesses/people can purchase for use off of a website. Examples of this can be found on the Yahoo home page. The photos which accompany those news stories are generally stock photos.

Websites such as,, and are all stock photography websites. Users pay .01-.2 cents to use each photo. Aspiring, professional, and even amateur photographers can upload their photos to these websites and share the profit with the website.

Some photo stock websites vet the photos prior to posting them for purchase. Some reject most of the photos that are submitted. This is to ensure the quality of the photos for purchase. Therefore, if you want to make money with stock photography, you have to take high quality pictures. You also have to take a lot of photos, as the greater number of photos you have, the greater the chance that someone will purchase your photo out of the thousands already available on the website.

4. Amazon Affiliates

Amazon has a great affiliates program. You can advertise Amazon products on your own website or on a blogging website. You can also create your own Amazon store. Once you create an amazon affiliates account, all you have to do is link Amazon products (that are relevant to your blog) to your website. If a visitor to your webpage clicks the Amazon link and purchases the product, you receive a small percentage.

You can also sell items on Amazon upon becoming an affiliate. They only charge you if your item sells, and they charge a flat rate of .99 cents per item, plus a percentage of sale price. The percentage that they charge varies by category, but it ranges from 6-15%. It is a fairly expensive way to sell items, however you will get a lot of exposure, as millions of people visit Amazon each day.

5. Ebay

Setting up an Ebay account is incredibly easy. Millions of people search Ebay everyday, and many of them use their Ebay stores as their primary source of income. It is easy to get started, as almost everyone has random stuff in their homes that they could probably sell. The tricky part to Ebay is that it can be finicky. A certain item may sell for $20 one day, but another seller may not be able to even get $1 for the same item the very next day. It helps if you price your items correctly. Know the value of what you are selling, and know what people will be willing to pay for it. This may require a lot of research, but as I related earlier, nothing comes easy.

Once you sell the items in your home, you have to figure out new methods of acquiring products to sell. Many people buy and sell merchandise on Ebay. For example, they will buy a lot of used books for $50, and resell the individual books for various prices to make a profit. This can be tedious, and sometimes it takes awhile to realize any profit, as it may take longer to sell some of the books than others. Another method of getting merchandise to sell is to use craigslist. People are often giving things away for free or for very reasonable prices on craigslist. You can purchase items from there, then resell them on Ebay.

The biggest trap people fall into when trying to create an Ebay store is not knowing the value of their items. Do not expect to get retail prices for items on Ebay. If you are going to purchase something from Craigslist, do a search on Ebay first to make sure you will be able to resell for a profit. Once you get the hang of it though, buying and selling items online can be an very profitable enterprise.

6. Etsy

Etsy is an online store that specializes in the creative arts. You create your masterpieces, and sell them on Etsy for a nominal fee. It is an excellent way to get your innovations and art works out to the public, and make some money doing so.

Etsy specializes in arts and crafts, such as jewelry, fine art, and handicrafts. However, they also sell clothing and other items. You can post any type of product for sale on Etsy as long as you created it in some way. This is a great tool for those who are creative but have a hard time finding a market for the items that they make.

Opportunities Abound

The main take away point from this article is that there are numerous opportunities available. I have just listed six ways in which someone can make create income using the internet, and I am sure that there are hundreds of other ways.

Most of these ideas do not involve any special talents. They also do not require a lot of start up capital. What each of these things does require is hard work and dedication. The money is out there, it is available, you just have to want it.


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    • Elani-Lee profile image

      Elani-Lee 4 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks Health Wealth Music! I hope Etsy works out for you, and I'm glad the article was helpful!

    • healthwealthmusic profile image

      Ruth R. Martin 4 years ago from Everywhere Online ~ Fingerlakes ~ Upstate New York

      Your hub is well written and has great information. Thanks for sharing! I am going to check out Etsy now, since I do have a small craft item I started making recently :)