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Be Frugal! Ways to Save Money in Everyday Life, Putting More in Your Pocket

Updated on July 28, 2014

Wanna Save?

Don't you just hate being broke? I do! I can't stand it when I want to go do something, or buy something and I just don't have them money in they bank to pay for it. What if you could save a little here and a little there, put that money in the bank and eventually have some extra. You actually can do this and I will give you a few examples to get you started, but the sky is really the limit. Just remember that for this to work for you, every time you save money you take that saved money and put it into your savings. That's actually really important. If you just buy more stuff because something is on sale and you saved money you won't be helping yourself at all.


Fresh Food and Meat

Many people don't bother with this, but you can save lots of money. I don't know if it is shame or what that keeps people from shopping a less expensive way, but it doesn't bother me at all.

Check the discount vegetable/fruit rack at your local grocery store to find deals. Most of the stuff on that rack is perfectly fine, make sure to give it a good look first. A great example is that apples off the rack are about 97 cents to $1.47 a pound (3 - 4 apples) I got 8 apples the other day on clearance for 99 cents (these are Canadian prices) . That is a clear savings of about 1/2 to 2/3 off. Over time you can take that extra money and put it in a bank account, literally watching it grow.

You can do the same with meat. Most meat will go on sale for 30 - 50% off the day or the day before it is set to "expire". Keep in mind that it isn't rancid on that date, not even close. If you take it home and pop it in the freezer there will be nothing wrong with it when you pull it out to make dinner at a later date. Make sure you do not keep it in the fridge past its expiry date though, freezer only. This one I don't do all the time, but when I find something that looks good still I will toss it in the cart and save a few bucks. Another great place to go for meat is a local butcher. The wonderful cuts in the display case might be very expensive, but some butchers will take that same meat and toss it in the freezer if it hasn't sold. These packages can be full of wonderful chicken, beef and pork at a fraction of the cost but with a super high quality. The one near me has a steak pack with; prime rib, t-bone, sirloin and rib eye. 10 - 14 steaks for the price of about 4 from the display case. Could be an amazing deal.

Grow Your Own Food

Okay, I realize that not everyone has room for cows and chickens, but almost everyone has room for a tomato plant. Companies have been coming up with ways for people in tight spaces to grow things for themselves for years. Take a browse around the internet and see the many ways that you can set up a garden at home. Even if you are just growing your own herbs for cooking you will save money. There are a few things that you can grown in a limited space too. Tomatoes and strawberries are 2 good ones, you can even get contraptions that will grow them hanging from your ceiling so that they take up virtually no space. If you have kids, they will love to watch these grow and then get to eat fresh food. It can also be a good learning tool to teach them where food comes from and the life cycle of plants.

Germinating Herb Seeds Indoors

Three's Company, 1977 sitcom
Three's Company, 1977 sitcom | Source

Would you live with someone else to save money?

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Get a Roommate

If you are a single person and paying astronomical rent, get a roommate. I understand that living with someone else can be a bit of a pain, and people don't always get along but this is a great way to save money. Let's say that you are living in a city and paying $800 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. You can probably rent a 2 bedroom apartment in the same city for about $1050. This means that your rent would be $275 less a month. That is a significant savings of $3300 a year just on rent. Also keep in mind that if you are paying utilities they would also be less. Sure you will have a bigger place to heat, but it won't be doubled and therefore you save a little more. Do you pay all the phone, internet and cable? Your roommate could be paying half of that. Sit back and crunch the number for the area you live in and see what you could be saving, it might be worth looking into.

Coal Fired Power Plant in Taiwan
Coal Fired Power Plant in Taiwan | Source

Do Something About Your High Electricity Bill

If you are like most people, you are paying WAY too much for hydro. There are a few things you can do to help save some money on that bulked up bill every money.

Change your incandescent or CFL lights for LED light bulbs. They sell them at places like Walmart so they are not hard to find. Make sure you shop around for a deal though because LED light bulbs can be a bit pricy. The bonus is that they use about a fraction of what other light bulbs do for power and have fantastic lighting abilities.

Another options is to cover your windows with plastic in the wintertime. This will keep the heat in your home allowing you to not have to pay to heat the outside too. It's a fairly inexpensive options and only takes a few minutes. You can pick up kits almost anywhere in the fall.

The easiest thing to do is turn things off when you are not using them. Items like your fridge and freezer need to stay plugged in and on all the time, but does your television? When you are not in a room, shut off the light. When you are not using something, turn it off. You will see a savings on your bill if you take these steps.


Shop Around For Your Insurances

You might think that this is a waste of time, if you have been with your insurance company a long time you might already have a great rate. However, other companies will take your insurance records and try to offer you a lower rate just to get your business. This can be true for a variety of insurances; home, life and auto to give a few examples. It only takes a few minutes to check rates online or to give another company a call and compare rates.

Cell Phone Museum in Scotland
Cell Phone Museum in Scotland | Source

Got a Cell Phone?

If you have a cell phone and rarely use your home phone, do you really still need that home phone? I understand that towers go out sometimes and service can get disrupted, but the same thing can happen with a wired line phone service. You could save quite a bit of money per month not paying for both of these services.

Also, you should be checking monthly on your phone service plans. Companies try to stay competitive and every month or so will offer new plans to save customers money. Be sure to look for these plans on a monthly basis to see if you can save.


Keep Your Car Properly Maintained

If you own a car and are short on funds, you will always fear that possible breakdown. If you keep your car properly maintained this is much less likely to happen and you could save a bit of money on gas in the end.

  • Keep you car, especially the exterior clean from dust and road salt. Various things can be corrosive over time to the paint on your car, leading to rusting and eventually holes. Cleaning away this debris can help protect your car in the long haul.
  • Make sure you change the oil in your car at proper intervals to keep your engine running smoothly. (check your manual for proper time/km usually about 5000km)
  • Your car manufacturer will have a list of routine maintenance that will need to be preformed on your vehicle at specific intervals. Make sure that these are followed to allow your car to last longer.
  • It's also probably a waste of money to buy anything but regular gasoline at the pump. Not only will you save a tonne using regular gasoline, but you will get the same gas mileage as if you used premium.

In Conclusion

Saving money doesn't have to be difficult. The important thing is, when you find a deal and save some money to then put that money away for a rainy day. Watch your savings grow.


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