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Ways to Save Money on the Things You Already Buy!

Updated on May 4, 2018
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Sierra is a mom of three kids and knows the struggles of nickel and diming everything.

Why Save?

With today's economy being the way it is and wages not really offering an equal compensation several families are struggling to make ends meet. More families are struggling to make sure they have enough food in the house. With this helpful tips hopefully I can share what has help my family of 5 save and be able to afford the things we need.

Personally I use the rebates around holidays and use it as a savings for that, because for me holidays are rough. All three of my kids' birthday and Christmas are in a 30 day time period. Starting with a birthday on December 23rd and ending with a Birthday on January 23rd. So I understand the importance of scrimping and saving every penny you can.

Here are the things I use to help me do it.


You can get coupons in a wide array of places.

  • Redplum(Sunday Paper inserts as well)
  • Smart Source(Sunday Paper inserts as well)
  • P&G(Sunday Paper Inserts as Well)
  • Krazy Coupon Lady
  • Sunday Paper
  • Store Ads
  • Product Websites
  • You can print coupons and get 1SB for each one you use.

Using Coupons

Using coupons can be tricky until you figure out the trick to using them. The trick is waiting for the item to be on sale and then using the coupon. Often times I've paid less than $1 for an item that is typically $6. They will go on sale 2/$3 and with $1 off of 1 coupons that ends up being only 50c for each one.

Couponing does take time. Something not everyone has. However there are plenty of sites online where bloggers do the work for you and share so that everyone has a chance to get in on the deals. Sometimes sales like Walgreen's, CVS etc, are the same all over, so the deals will be as well. So you don't have to spend the time yourself. However for local deals you will have to do some digging.

I usually start with that weeks advertisements for the area. I look at what name brand products are on sale for what and then see if I have any coupons for it. Then I check Ibotta and my other rebate programs to determine how much I spend/save for each one. If the deal is good enough I try to buy multiples(so long as I have the coupons.)

Which brings me to another great point with coupons. You can get the paper, and get them there, and then print off two more from online. The potential there is at least 3 coupons for each product if you buy just one paper. If you get in touch with some managers of stores they will allow you to come sunday evening and take the coupon inserts out of the papers they didn't sell for free.

Swag Bucks offers an incentive for using their coupons and offers 1SB for each once you use. It's not a bad deal for coupons you are going to use anyway.

Rebate Apps

Rebate Apps are amazing. They are similar to coupons but are given after the purchase. Each app has it's own pros and con's but they are all helpful and extremely useful for anyone trying to save every penny they can. Combining rebate apps with couponing and sales can ultimately save a person hundreds of dollars a year.

  • Ibotta
  • Checkout 51
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Savings Catcher
  • Savings Star
  • Receipt Pal

Rebate Programs

This is probably as important if not more important than the coupons. It takes less work and it's easier to keep track of everything. To use these you need a smart phone to be able to download the app. These apps will give you money back for certain purchases made.


We will start with Ibotta because it's one of the most common rebate apps out there. With 10 million users it's easy to see why people are using it. Ibotta certainly has a lot of pros with only a few cons.

Once you sign up you're given a $10 incentive bonus. If you can get $10 in rebates with your first month of using Ibotta they will give you an extra $10 bonus. They also offer bonuses for all sorts of other things as well including group bonuses.

Group bonuses are bonuses you and your group of friends can earn together. The more friends you have signed up, the more often you, as a group, will earn extra bonuses.

They partner with big name stores like Walmart, amazon, Target, walgreens, Dollar General and many more. you can find a list of their partnered stores in their app and online.

Ibotta offers rebates on a lot of name brand products and even occasionally offers money back on Any brand of an item, or from any store. Cashing out is pretty easy as you can cash out with paypal, venmo, or turn it into gifts cards like Amazon, Bass Pro Shop, Kmart, Walmart and more.

Some con's you have to hit $20 before you can withdraw your rebates.

Another Con is that with the exception of the any store items, you can only get rebates from certain named stores. So going to a local grocery store won't net you a big rebate with them.

To earn your rebates make sure you keep your receipts. You take a picture of it, check off what's on your receipt and then send it in. It's that easy.

If anyone would like to join please feel free to use my reference code to help make a friend circle bigger and help to get those bonuses. My reference code is mfpwfud.

For more information visit the link below.

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Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta. It also has 10 million downloads and works nearly the same. Sometimes they have the same items and sometimes they have rebates on different items all together.

Checkout 51 will give you money back from any store, not just name brand stores. So you can use your local grocery store for this one. They sometimes offer bonuses for using certain stores like walmart but you don't have to.

Cashing out is not quite as simple as Ibotta either. You have to wait until you have a minimum of $20 and you get a check. It can take a few weeks for it to arrive after being approved.

However I don't want to discourage the use of this app, because when coupled with apps like ibotta you can potentially get money back several times for the same item, sometimes resulting in the item being free.

Checkout 51 often has rebates on brands like ritz, pop tarts, Kikkoman, I can't believe it's not butter and more. Sometimes they even have rebates as simple as any brand bananas or tomatoes. They also offer rebates on personal care products too!

Earning your rebates is as simple as adding offers before shopping, ticking off the ones you've purchased and then using the app to take a picture of your receipt. It's that simple!

For more information visit the link below.

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Fetch Rewards

This one isn't quite a rebate program as much as a point program. This app gives you points for certain brands purchased but they have a lot of partnered brands. Some of the brands they've partnered with are Koolaide, Pace, Taco Bell grocery items, Kraft and a couple hundred more.

You can use any store which is a big perk of this app. You simple take a picture of your receipt and help make sure your receipt is accurate. It has an autoscan feature that isn't always accurate which is why they have you check it.

You can touch an item on your receipt and edit the product if it doesn't get pulled up quite right. You earn points back on things from soda to cereal and you can turn those points into rewards. They also offer special offers every week that will land you extra points.

The rewards vary from gift cards to Petco gift cards to restaurant and store gift cards. While each one varies slightly the general idea is that 1000 points is about/equivalent to $1. They also have different sized cards so cashing out is easy. I think it's fantastic racking up points on things I already buy anyway.

For more information visit the link below.

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Savings Catcher

I personally have mixed feelings about Savings Catcher because I coupon and see what all the local deals are first hand. Savings Catcher doesn't really check local deals, it's more of a national deals, like walgreens, kmart etc. So while some walmart stores will still price match, that varies on the store. Otherwise don't expect to save money on savings catcher from local deals.

However I have still earned money back with them so It's still important to use it. All you have to do is download the app, make an account if you don't have one and scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipt every time you go. If they find a price that's lower they will give you the difference.

Something I like about this app is the ability to use the rebates like a gift card. There is no waiting several weeks to use the money. You can pull it up on your phone and have the cashier scan it like a bar code on a gift card and the funds can be applied directly.

Not perfect but it still adds up over time.

For more information visit the link below.

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Saving Star

While Saving Star only has 1 million downloads it's another great rebate app. It doesn't offer nearly as many rebates as programs like Ibotta and Checkout 51 but it certainly has it's own perks.

Saving Star can be linked to certain rewards cards for example Hyvee, walmart and a few others.

Saving Star also has one feature that I really like that others don't. It has "One or Many" featured savings. What this is, is when you spend so much on a certain type of product during the time frame listed you get a larger rebate. For example right now they have a Sally Hanson One or Many rebate sale going on. When you spend at least $15 on Sally Hanson products by June 30th, you get a $4 rebate.

They also have single rebate items as well that change often and the items vary from food to personal care items to household items. I love when they have their purex One or many rebates and their downy one or many rebates. The only downside to this is that it takes the price you paid, and not the price it's worth before couponing.

Another thing to note about Saving Star is a new part of their app. Always on Rewards which help you link your Saving Star to Kellogg rewards. At the moment not only does it help you get your points for Kellogg's but it also gives you 1% back on Kellogg's products.

Like most other apps there is a $20 cashout.

For more information visit the link below.

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Rebate Stacking

You can use several rebate apps to get money back for the same exact item, sometimes making it free or nearly free!

Receipt Pal

Now this one isn't necessarily a rebate program but I still think it's easy to use. All you do it open your app, take a picture of each receipt and earn points that can be exchanged for rewards.

You each 100 points for every 4 receipts you submit.

400 points is equal to a $1 amazon card.

but 2000 points is worth a $5 gift card.

while 3500 points is worth a $50 gift card.

It's simple, the cash out is easy and it takes no work other than a picture.

For more information visit the link below.

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Sale example

Laundry soap sale 2/$3
Coupon -50c (x2)
Ibotta rebate 50c per item
Checkout 51 rebate 50c per item
final cost of item is 0.00
Body wash Sale for 1.99
Coupon -$1
Ibotta Rebate $1 per item
Checkout 51 Rebate $1
Final Cost of item is -1.00 you actually made a dollar
Now you aren't always going to get deals like this on all the items you want but this was an example of the types of things that are possible with couponing and rebates.

Let Me Know

If there are any other Apps you'd like me to add or suggest feel free to leave them in comments below. I'm always looking for reader suggestions to not only improve the information I'm putting out there but to explore more possibilities myself.


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