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Updated on August 13, 2013

Quit that part time job

A Lot of people need to work part time jobs these days just to make it, or to just supplement their incomes to live the lives they really want to live. But from experience, I know first hand that a lot of people hate to work that 9 to 5 job and head straight to their second job. Truth is, there are countless ways to supplement your income without plugging away at a part time job that will work you silly because they feel you are only there 4 or 5 hours a day, so you should be more of an efficient worker than a full time employee,and you often get pushed harder while you are there. Its time to say goodbye to those days of working that second job that may or may not appreciate your daily efforts. You may love your part time job and that's wonderful, keep doing your thing and making that extra money. This article is for the people that hate working that second job and values his/her well deserved time after they get off their 9 to 5, The people that know they are an asset, and the people that have the desire and motivation to make that extra money themselves.

Ways to make extra money:

You wont find anything in my list of jobs that require no work at all, everything in this list will require work and dedication. When you work for yourself you have to work harder than you do for someone else, but the key thing to remember is that this is for YOU! You may even be able to make full time money at one of these ideas, its all up to you.

Recycling wooden and plastic pallets:

There are companies ot there that will buy these pallets from you at a price range of $2-$4 a pallet depending on the condition of the pallet. Prices may vary form city to city. You can also repair the damaged pallets you collect yourself with pieces from other pallets with minimal work to insure you get a better price. One company that will pay you for pallets is IFCO. IFCO is a company based out of Houston Texas that has locations all over the United States. You can collect wooden and plastic pallets from a variety of places. A Lot of warehouses put ads on craigslist for people to come pick up their pallets because they take up usable and vital space in their warehouse, usually on a first call basis. You may even visit local companies and ask them for their used pallets and a lot are happy to give them to you, and may even tell you to come back regularly to pick up pallets. Just think, if you live in an area where a pallet recycling company pays $4 for every good pallet then 25 pallets could easily bring you $100.

Recycling/Scraping Metal:

This is a great source for extra income. Everywhere you look you can find metal such as steel,copper,brass,stainless steel, and you can always find someone throwing it away or wanting it hauled off. Now, a lot of people have a negative view on scraping metal, a lot of people think it is a "crack head" business. NOT TRUE! There are a lot of stupid people out that aren't smart enough to obtain scrap metal without stealing it, and these people do tarnish the reputation of the business. Scrap metal is a global multi billion dollar a year business and it can be a very profitable business for you. ways to get metal are...riding around on trash night and get the things people throw away. You can also go automotive shops and machine shops and ask them if they have any metal they want hauled off at no cost to them, some will oblige. You can also go to auctions and find tons of scrap metal and very very low prices, just make sure that you can make a profit before you over pay for a bid, you do have to think fast and smart when buying scrap metal. Please whatever you do don't steal it, you will make the industry as a whole look bad if you go that route and may be also be labeled a "crack head"

Growing and selling Plants:

If you have alot of space or a big backyard then this is a great way to make money. YOU can buy vegetable seeds off the Internet or palm tree seeds or any type of seed that interest you, grow them and have a plant sell and sell them. This takes a little more time and than the other ideas but you can make a very good profit buy doing this. Some trees and flowers can o for a hefty price but will take longer to grow. Vegetables on the other hand pop right up after a few days so you can grow a lot of these plants and sell them from your front yard.

Writing blogs:

This is another slow but profitable business, and the good part of it is you get paid to write about anything you desire. It will take you a few years to start seeing good money but if you plug away you will definitely see big results.

These are just a couple ways to make an extra income. All you have to is be dedicated and you can pretty much do whatever you want without the hassle of getting a part time job, just use your brain!


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