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9 Ways to make money online

Updated on March 2, 2013

Ways to make money online

These aren't necessarily the easy ways to make money online or the best ways to make money online, but they are legitimate ways to make money online, just the same.

Most online income is in some way related to writing online. The art of writing good content for publication is a trial and error effort and you should not become discouraged by attempting to write about just about anything.

If there is one lesson that I have learnt over the years during my quest to earn an online income that can replace my day job, it is that you are going to need to read just as much as you write. There are two reasons for this.The first is that you will need to research your information that you will use to write on your subject matter that you have chosen.The second is that you will be able to generate lists of ideas to keep handy for new content and also to gain tips and hints for your writing methods.

You need not worry about the way that you write as most relevant content that people read is found enjoyable by the fact that it is written the way you speak in an easy to understand user friendly format.

As you write and then from the day that you earn your first paycheck, you will learn to hone your skills in order to increase your productivity and performance levels. Basically write smart and you should be able to use your time each day effectively.

Try setting the goals in achievable ways to keep you on track and motivated. Plan the way that you write so that it becomes a habit and you just need to decide on the subject matter.

So lets get onto explaining the most tried and tested ways to make an online income.

1. Writing Articles for paying customers.

This method is usually reserved for those who have a background in journalism. However there is not always a need for professionally written articles. Try some article selling sites to see what kind of content is for sale and at what price. You can expect to earn a few dollars per article. Please remember though that if you are going to write an article, why not use it yourself and try one of the methods below to earn a repetitive income.

2.Create a blog.

There is many reasons to have a blog.In oreder to create yourself as a brand,your name will eventually be recognised by your readers after a while and they will return to see what you have written. Blogs have been around now for a few years and there are literally millions in cyberspace.If you decide to write in journal format, you will eventually have 365 articles in a year, even it is just to explain what article you wrote on that day and use your blog to tell folks where they can read your article.You may have posted it to an article website or archives, posted it for sale or even just posted it in your blog.

Advertisers love to place ads next to articles that have similarities to their products.The most popular for earning a regular and repeat income is the Google Adsense system. The adsense system operates on a shared revenue system on most blogging sites and social network sites.Keep this in mind as the main source of your income online and the most proven and stable as you write.You will need to register for an account and put the advert code into each system you use for earning online by writing, but it is rather simple to do.Use any search engine and type new google adsense account. There even articles on this topic.

3. E-How articles

There is no restriction to how many social blogging sites you decide to join as the more potential places there are for advertisers to share revenue with you the better.If you find that one of your articles is a "How to" article then join E-How.Their format is simple to use and generates a reasonable income.


Hubpages has a good revenue sharing program and allows you to use just about any topic that you want to write articles.Their readerbase is huge and they are usually in the top ranking results for articles in seacrh engines results or SERPs as they are known.

5. Online Surveys.

Some folks like to complete questionaires and it does generate a small revenue, but is usually based on geographical loaction and hence you may only get a few per month.But its always good to have many irons in the fire if you are gerating a passive income online

6. Be a paid Mystery Shopper

There are many companies who locate paid mystery shoppers to test products at home and tehn write a report or review about these products.It is similar to taking a survey, the only difference is that you get to keeep the products.

7. Sell Secondhand Items on Aucition sites.

Auctions are great idea during a recession as tehreis a lot of opportunity to source reasonably priced prodcuts and resell tehm at online autions. It will take a short amount of time to build a regular database of clients if you are choosing to specialise in a particular market.

8. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer is basically a middle man for products, directing clients to a particular product. Sites such as Commission Junction focus on products that are tangible and can be held and Clickbank is a great resource for digital products like E-books and software programs. If you are writing an article, it may be worth adding a product into your article to compliment it as an option for an occasional sale.It all adds up.

9. Creating an online store has a concept called the aStore which is gathering momentum as a new product in the marketplace.It allows for a website to be created specifically for online purchases and is worth investigating if you decide to write product reviews.Your blogs can be used to explain the benefits of these products to your readerbase.

Now let us assume you decide to use one or even all of these methods, you will need to generate hype to the writing you are doing. When you write about something, you will find that you may write about something similar that your reader may enjoy also.Do not waste the opportunity of advisng them to look at your other articles. This will enable you to link all your writing together in one way or another.

Your aim as an online writer is to use all the opportunity that present themselves every day to spiderweb your articles. By spiderwebbing your articles, I mean that there needs to be referring methods implemented.This is the most difficult part if you are in a hurry to earn money online.

Tips to remember

This is not the way to get rich overnight

Persistence is the name of the game. If you maintain this process for let us say 2 years and assume that you write or blog only once a day. You will collcetively have managed to write one article or blog post a day and added one comment somewhere in cyberspce with your articles whereabouts, that is potentially alot of readers and adverts. If we assume that you only get a dollar for each article you write in that entire two year period, that is an extra 700 odd dollars. Now I know its not rocket science to see that 700 dollars is not alot of money for 2 years of work, but that is not the lesson here. You have learnt that even the most basic plan has the potential to generate an extra online income, so how much will you write everyday in order to earn the income you desire. It does show though that it is possible to earn a full time income online with a little work everyday. So can you not just get 10 new readers each month to view your articles out of the 50 million or so people every day searching for something to read online.

Good luck and don't give up.Put a post it on your laptop if you must, but write one thing everyday for the next 2 years and see the difference.


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    • Dale Nelson profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Nelson 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks TrudyVan. Nice to hear there are some likeminded people out there.Goodl luck and thanks for reading.

    • TrudyVan profile image

      TrudyVan Curre 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      I agree really straight down the line straight talk. Thank you for sharing

    • Dale Nelson profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Nelson 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for the comment Ultimate Hubber. Some marketing out there is definitely geared towards disillusionment.An honest approach with perserverence could pay off after a few years at it.Glad you enjoyed the article.

    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 

      9 years ago

      Some really nice tips!!!

      Its really nice to see how you have been so realistic about not getting rich overnight.


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