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WebAnswers at Work for Writing Income

Updated on October 28, 2014
Most writers have fun and enjoy sharing personal knowledge and expertise while getting paid for it
Most writers have fun and enjoy sharing personal knowledge and expertise while getting paid for it | Source
Don't get overwhelmed joining too many sites. Passive income is wonderful, but quality is more important than quantity.
Don't get overwhelmed joining too many sites. Passive income is wonderful, but quality is more important than quantity. | Source

Self publishing is another way to earn dollars doing something enjoyable like writing

This is a simple outline of what WebAnswers has to offer. The simple advantages and disadvantages are summarized.

Laying out the details of a writing site is a wonderful way to draw new affiliates. Defining features and specific unknown facets is perfect.

There are tons of freelance writers around the web searching for places to publish their work. The ultimate goal is earning money through their writing endeavors. Passive writing income is a growing interest through lots of the online writing sites like HubPages, but there are other avenues to increasing income. One such resource is WebAnswers.

What is it?

The creators of the site built a free to use question and answer network. Questions of nearly any content are free to ask and answers are supplied by employees (members) or writers paid for their answers by the site.

Members are able to ask as well as answer questions. Asking doesn’t make the money, but excellent responses do.

How to make money

Give brilliant replies based on personal expertise, knowledge and skills. Solutions are important. Whenever resolutions are presented, your personal AdSense identification number is tied to these answers and a certain amount of advertisements.

The advertisements are rotated with other writers and their answers unless you receive the designation of the Awarded Answer.

Individual AdSense ads are interchanging with other persons leaving answers on a question, some gain more attention or appear more often based on individual rankings. These rankings include replies around the site from you to all questions answered.

Writers with higher quality scores obviously have their ads shown more often which increases page views and sales. The more responses given to questions are included as well within this scoring system. Higher scores mean more money on WebAnswers.

Getting page views

Page views or ad impressions are created through the same source as other content around the web. Search engines bring readers along with links in other material. Links built specifically to come into the site directly to a question is adding page views.

A user clicking on one particular ad when it is rotated in or seen earns money for that specific writer. Higher scores increase the percentages of seeing a particular ad.

Questions with more traffic gain more money simply because the odds of more page views increase. The percentages rising means income has the same potential to get bigger. Smaller trafficked questions usually earn much less.

There are screenings of all answers set up to check for misspellings or inappropriate content. Both are designed to make certain quality standards are kept up.

An Awarded Answer

Revenue is earned by the site through Google AdSense. Each question is posted to the site and connects with the question through the AdSense program.

A benefit of working for the site does come in the form of monetary rewards. One of the finest is the Awarded Answer. Money is created through advertisements linked to the question.

When a question is asked the individual asking chooses the best answer from all of those presented. The best reply gets designated the Awarded Answer and earns a percentage of the AdSense earnings tied to the question.

The site has set up an email notification for any questions asked by a member as well as those answered.

Stay with what you know

One of the best ways to earn is answering questions within your expertise. Your personal skills and knowledge supply the best responses with the most useful info.

The referral program is a little different from similar sources


Writers must have an AdSense account connected with their WebAnswers account. A prompt opens to link the two after putting in a couple of replies.

A writers AdSense account are connected with their WebAnswers account and paid through PayPal.

Other payment options include referrals. –see referral section for details.

Things not to do

Some things are considered bad form on the site and will result in being asked to leave. Extra text added to a question simply to prompt a selection of the best answer is frowned upon. This is putting fluff or surplus language which doesn’t add anything to an answer. The verbiage for this particular form of replying to inquiries has been named gaming and is penalized.

Give excellent answers to a reader furnishing knowledge or delivering skills they search for is the best way get the “best answer” acknowledgment.

Stay away from trying to answer a large amount of questions. Quality is always better than quantity. Spotlighting brief answers gets a small amount of limelight. Though gaining the best answers suffer when trying to reply to a large amount at once with brief and sometimes unsuitable replies. Remember the overall ranking of each member gains their ads more publicity.


A blog has been created for members and affiliates. This is a wonderful place to correspond with the community and gain some helpful insight. Along with meeting people involved in WebAnswers, countless visitors discover beneficial suggestions and advice to make answers stand out in a positive manner. This is another resource to use to make more money, the sole intent in participating in the program.

A helpful Q and A (questions and answers) has been built for just about every issue or concern linked to working with the site. Things like how to take care of any problems linking to AdSense, getting email notifications, blog addresses and so much more.

Referral Program

The referral program tied to this site works a little different from other similar article sites. Building back links from other web content to the site earns money. The more traffic directed by a writer to the site from sources like blogs or other articles around the web the more income through the referral program.

All income through the referral program at WebAnswers is tied to page views or web impressions. They come from two sources. The member and other members joining through the original affiliate using a tracking token.

Traffic impressions

Impressions are monitored using a unique tracking token. The token is tied to an individual writers account. Traffic to the site via a token earns the writer 20% of traffic impressions.

New users

Inviting newbies is the obvious referral program which comes to mind for most people. The more new authors joining the ranks the more income is realized by the veterans.

The reward for gaining new writers for the site is earning 10% of impression revenue from their ads. With no limit to the amount of new members a person is able to invite there are no restrictions to the 10% impression earnings received.

Earnings through referrals are paid out of WebAnswers monies and not the author whose link was used to join.

A traffic token similar to the one created for Hubpages is needed. This only one of its kind token is used for detailed reporting and analysis of each referral. It permits each new member to link to the veteran

One of the nicest things is referral clicks within 30 days of sign up are retroactive. Someone browsing through the site and deciding to join still makes dollars for the link they used if becoming an affiliate within 30 days.

In conclusion

Lots of professional freelance writers earn passive income from a variety of sources. After reviewing sites and researching pros and cons, making the decision to become a participant is a personal choice. Depending on what specific needs a writer is searching for in a site helps them make the choice to join or move on to the next one easier when you know elements. When questions are answered and data laid out connected to earning income, there is more comfortable making choices concerning a professional career.

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