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Webmasters Ultimate Resources

Updated on November 30, 2011


A place on the web to learn how to earn money online using free resources available on the web.
A place on the web to learn how to earn money online using free resources available on the web. | Source

Make Money Online The Easy and Free Way

Writing articles online is an easy and free way to make money on the Internet. There is no need to learn how to build a website or how to create HTML or JavaScript codes to make free money online. Writing articles using free resources available on the web is a free opportunity to earn good steady extra monthly income. It's a fact not a myth and I can tell you that it's a fact and not a myth because I use free platforms and free resources to generate free money online.

Residual Income?

The words residual and passive income have become a part of my daily vocabulary. Writing full-time online for the past few years has turned into residual/passive income. If I don't write or Internet Market everyday I'm still earning income from the hundreds of articles, blogs, websites, videos and backlinks I've written. Yes, in the beginning I work almost everyday but now all my past hard work is working for me.

I'm here to introduce to you how I earn money online using free resources available on the web. I started earning money online using free resources and now I teach others how to do it too.

An Introduction To

Webmasters Ultimate Resources

I decided to purchase a Domain Name, Website Builder and Hosting package to expand my Internet Business but buying the package was a personal decision. Heads Up! It's not necessary to spend money to make money online. I decided to create a website to share my story of how I started an Internet Writing Business and how I turned it into residual/passive income.

On the homepage of the first four paragraphs explain how I grew a successful Internet Business. I explain in detail each step I made that helped me reach my goals online.

  • The first paragraph speaks about the free Revenue Sharing Website platforms I used first to start writing articles online to generate income.
  • The second paragraph speaks about using free blogging platforms to earn income online and how I increased revenue connecting my articles to my blogs and my blogs to my articles.
  • The third paragraph speaks about what free website builders I used to learn how to build websites and how using them helped me reach the goal of building a successful website buying a Domain Name, Website Builder and Hosting package.
  • The forth paragraph speaks about how I started creating YouTube videos to help explode my web presence and how that led me to earning money online for creating videos.

Throughout the rest of my website I share additional tips, methods, techniques and free resources I still use to expand my Internet Business. Even though I now have a successful growing website, I still write articles using Revenue Sharing Website platforms, continue to edit and add content to my articles, blogs, websites and still use the free resources I advertise on my website.

My website is broken down into page-sections. For example, one of my webpages speaks about Google stuff. When I learn how to utilize Google resources I'll sit down to add a block of content describing how to benefit using the free Google resources. When I learn another way to use my Youtube channels to Internet Market, I'll sit down to write about how I do it so my visitors can learn from my experience. I also offer free images for growing webmasters to use on their articles, blogs and websites without having to worry about copyright regulations. These are a handful of the free resources you will find at

Home Based Online Business

A marker190 West Merrick Road apt 2N, Freeport NY 11520 -
190 W Merrick Rd #2n, Freeport, NY 11520, USA
get directions

I earn multiple streams of income in my spare time when I'm hanging at home. It's possible to create multiple streams of income using free resources.


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    • profile image

      thechronicler 6 years ago

      What a great resource! A few of the listed sites I have heard of such as Infobarrel and Squidoo, but several such as Red Gauge and You Say Too I have not. I've been looking for ways to earn some residual money with a Blogger blog, and this is really helpful.

    • vicogon40 profile image

      vicogon40 6 years ago

      everything has to do with working hard and knowing what actually works, if you really want to make money online. nice information keep it up

    • shahnewaz profile image

      shahnewaz 6 years ago from Dhaka

      good one