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Wedding Rings for Men: Money Saving Alternatives

Updated on May 17, 2013

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My wedding ring is stainless steel.
My wedding ring is stainless steel.

The other day in church i was sitting with my wife and we were holding hands. As we were listening to the sermon we played with each others rings. I was looking at mine when I realized how different my ring is from the traditional approach. While it isn't hugely different, I still thought I should share this and other ideas on how to save money on wedding rings for guys, while not sacrificing on quality. Below are some ideas that I have seen used or heard of.

Stainless Steel...

... is wonderful because it is so cheap and yet it can be worked into so many different shapes. It can be case or cut easily. If you so desire you can get a steel ring with shapes stamped into it. The other beauty of stainless steal is that it can be had almost anywhere. I have seen some amazing steel rings at fairs, in curiosity shops and even as health food store!

There are a couple other benefits of stainless steel. It is non-reactive. And if you ever get in an accident it can be cut off unlike tungsten. If you hand is crushed or a bone broken, the only way to get one the latter rings off is before any swelling happens otherwise you are looking at surgical removal of the ring at best and surgical removal of your finger at worst. Sorry for the bad images, but I like looking at all sides of the equation. That being said, there are arguments for the latter as well.

Also, Damascus steel and folded steel rings are awesome looking. You have a lot of options.

Tungsten... not found in its metal form in nature. It has the second highest melting point of any element known. It is what makes the filament in incandescent light bulbs. The rings made from this element are tungsten carbide. It is heavy. It is also very hard and is used in many applications from the grips on throwing darts to tools to the rings we are talking about. My first wedding band was tungsten, and as an experiment I struck the ring several times with a long handled dry wall hammer. The concrete beneath it was damaged, but the ring had no marks on it. This is a talking point for the ring. Because of its hardness it will not warp over time. It will not scratch. It takes an extreme amount of force to shatter it. In relation to the hand crushing stories I have heard, I have heard of cases where tungsten and titanium rings have saved the man';s hand. But in each of these stories I have heard that the ring was removed quickly after the accident, so please be aware of this danger if you plan on getting either of those sorts of rings.

Another thing to note is that you should NEVER buy a tungsten ring in a jewelry store. They are way over priced. Online is your best bet. The price is right and the quality is the same as the jewelry stores is not better unless you are wanting a ring with a gem mounted. Even then I would compare before blowing money on a over priced jewelry establishment.


...was indeed named for the Titans of Greek mythology. The metal is about 40% lighter than steel but when alloyed properly is stronger than most steels. That does not mean it is stronger than steel. The formulation determines the strength. That being said, when used in conjunction with other compounds it is much stronger than by itself. It is an ideal metal for the active person or a person concerned with allergies because of its inertness. If you swim a lot, for example, this metal is ideal because chlorine in pool water will not react with it like other metals such as silver (this is not true when dealing with chlorine gas, so please do further study if you are a chemist or involved with manufacturing chlorine).

As with tungsten rings, please realize that titanium rings enjoy a very large markup in jewelry stores. Most people don't realize this, but titanium is a very common element. It is in fact used to color most white paints. Yet another fun fact is that most people eat about .8 milligrams of titanium on a daily basis. While not toxic, it is not suggested that you start eating titanium to show how tough you are.

Tattooed wedding bands. That is commitment.
Tattooed wedding bands. That is commitment. | Source

Tattoo... saying you are committed. I personally am considering adding this ring so it is under my current ring. This option is a little on the different side, and if you practice a religion that frowns on tattoos then you may not want to consider this. I am a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint (LDS or Mormon for short) so I am hesitant to do it for this reason, but my commitment to my wife means I think a tattoo would be awesome. Still, I am a bit of a baby when it comes to pain, so I am still teetering in this area. Either way, this particular idea is rather awesome. Not sure about the cost, but I am sure it is a lot cheaper than dropping $500 on a gold ring.

Another advantage is no need to re-size. Re-ink maybe, but no resizing needed.


Prior to reading this article, did you consider a non-gold ring a viable wedding band option?

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Conclusion... or Maybe Beginning...

Whether you are about to get married or you are married, the fact of the matter is that non-gold wedding bands are an option. I know silver and ceramic rings are an option too, but I like these first four options the best. One way or another you can get some awesome looking wedding bands for under $50 and still have them looking high value.

With the price of gold and silver going up, these alternatives are good for the budget, so it is something to consider. The other nice thing about this option is you can get different rings without much guilt (except in the case of the tattoo of course). Styles, moods, likes and even sizes change. I started with tungsten but my hand filled out (no, it didn't get fat!) so I needed to go up a half ring size.


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  • ibbarkingmad profile imageAUTHOR

    Brian Middleton 

    7 years ago from Southern Utah

    If you know where to look you can get gold rings for cheap for sure. Gold is also non-reactive as you said. My focus was on the alternatives and how they work however. Maybe I should do a hub on gold rings. Hmmm... Right now I don't have the time, but we shall see.

  • lifedancer profile image


    7 years ago from California

    Most men's rings are 10K gold. 10K contains less than 1/2 gold with alloys that make the metal strong, but still non-reactive. The trouble with wedding rings is that they are often over-prices. That's why you are considering alternatives. 10K gold contains so little gold, that you should be able to get a ring for a reasonable price. Men's rings are, also, usually wide and substantial, which increases the cost of materials. Do price 10K gold rings, if you like yellow metal, before buying a stainless steal or other white metal ring.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Great hub! I've always wondered what is best for Men's rings.


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