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Garage Sales - Any Value?

Updated on March 4, 2016

If your idea of making money is something that helps many people spend less -- you’re unique. If these people are interested to take inspiration from what you’re doing -- you are a success!

Prices of mostly everything are rising. The result? Budgets are getting hammered. Having no job, with little savings, or no money on these times of heating prices -- doing something to earn some extra money by looking resources to make money at home could never be wrong. The garage sale route seems very effective.

People want to buy things at a lower price. When they see stuffs offered at a half price, they become curious. This is where slightly used stuffs make a big score -- old clothing, bags and accessories, toys, books, kitchen items, household decorations, lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, tables and chairs, and many more.

The same goes for the kids' stuff. Garage sales is always a “hit” to kids, they enjoy. This marries up with some motivating factors encouraging kids on the area of sustainable solutions, and when your kids know their purchase is supporting a charity -- they'd love to get involved!

Where's the Value?

It’s certainly not easy to determine what exactly is worth buying secondhand, but many times there is value in other people’s discards. I’m not talking of totally scrap or junk -- let's take it this way: merely “unwanted items” their owners not find useful anymore.

When you like something, whether it's a broken chair or a picture frame, buy it. Your love for the item will cultivate the artist in you and create something new out of the old stuff. Even if you think it can’t be repaired, at least it's worth the price and is typically easy to find a way to bring the item back to use.

If you happen to pass by a garage sale offering really nice stuff for a few bucks, or even less, wouldn’t you be eager to stop?

Enameled pots are real finds
Enameled pots are real finds
Olden but great books are rare
Olden but great books are rare
A pocket watch of the old times? This is treasure!
A pocket watch of the old times? This is treasure!

Here's one more great about garage sales. You'll not only find something useful at a price you want to pay, but new friends and an opportunity to talk all things reusable, recyclable and sustainable. Ever have that feeling of “connection” every time you’re shopping at a local farmer’s market? That’s the same fun you’re getting in yard sales. The simple way it brings people together.

With many families today holding sales out of necessity to make ends meet -- it’s probably the most wonderful thing about garage sales.

If you’re the busy type of person and going to a garage sale is an added task to do, save your time driving around to locate a garage sale. Simply sit in the comfort of your home and click for listings in your area. Sounds easy and fun?

I’ve got a tip for you. When planning to visit a garage sale, arrive early to get the best deals!


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    • Tonipet profile imageAUTHOR

      Tonette Fornillos 

      2 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hi there peachy. Antiques are great finds and chances are you'll find them at a garage sale. There sure are listings for garage sales in your area. You're such a classy lady, thanks for the thoughts. Hug from the city of generals;) -Tonette

    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      too bad, there isn't any garage sale here, I would buy 2nd hand goods which are antique


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