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What Keeps You From Getting Rich

Updated on August 13, 2012

Don't Get Mad!

Do you remember the political ordeal about The Bridge to Nowhere? In a nutshell, there was a bridge that a politician secured a lot of funds in order to build, but it didn't go anywhere significant. Does your life ever feel like a bridge to nowhere? Something that costs a lot to maintain, but you never get anywhere significant?

I want to start this HUB off with some nice advice. Don't get mad! If you will read this whole HUB something will probably tick you off if you have not reached a place where your wealth is making you money.

There is a reason why people are unable to break out of mediocrity and into a life of true wealth. That is what I am going to deal with in this HUB. If you were to ask a thousand people that are either poor or middle class why they can't break into the ranks of the wealthy, you will get a multitude of reasons such as:

  • I didn't finish college
  • My job doesn't pay enough or there is no opportunity of promotion
  • I'm not smart enough
  • I'm a minority
  • It's a bad economy
  • I can't find a job

None of the above have anything to do with way people don't make it into the ranks of the wealthy. In fact, none of the above are even "reasons." All of them are excuses. There is a very serious component within the fact that these are excuses that causes the poor to stay poor and the middle class to stay middle class.

I am a people watcher. I think human behavior is absolutely amazing. I watch people who are so loyal to a brand and that brand is doing nothing except making money off them. Someone with a Ford truck has a bumper sticker that states, "Friends don't let friends drive Chevy's." Ford loves you because you will buy a Ford no matter what it does to you financially.

People stick with their cable company, phone company, cars, etc and those companies really don't care about you other then milking you of your money. To the extent that you are a paying customer they love you, but they would never be as loyal to you as many are to them.

Consider the credit card offers you receive in the mail. It's hits all your emotions because you are part of their family, you have the special colored card, you have the special number, and you are special. Yeah right! Go ahead and call them with a problem and see how long you sit on hold.

You see, this is why people are poor. They think wrong. They look at information wrong and because companies garner your loyalty with giving you very little in return you are willing to make decisions that are not in your best interest.

I Can Change Your Life

Yes I can. You could easily email me today and make the following statement, "David, will you teach me how to break out of my current financial problem." To that email I would respond with absolutely! I can show you how to change your life.

I would start off by telling you to do a couple of things and immediately, for most, the process would come to a screeching halt. Many would say, "I don't have time." Others would intend to do it, but never get around to it. Others still would give me several reasons why they couldn't do what I had instructed them even though many others have done the same thing and changed their lives.

You see, the reason the poor are poor is not because of a lack of money, but an excuse mentality. The reason the middle class stay the middle class is because they have built their life on wrong information. The reason that the rich get richer is because they think differently. It's not because they have life easy (although as they become rich they more easily can take advantage of opportunities easier) but because they are willing to do things differently.

An Example with Numbers

Let's take a quick math calculations to prove how easily it is to change a persons financial condition. I will take a bill that most everyone has who is reading this HUB. This bill can range between about $45 and $75 on average. I will use $60.00 per month as my example.

$60 per month expenditure turns into a $3,600.00 out of pocket expense over a 5 year period of time.

That same $60 per month invested at 5% would turn into $4,157.47 in your bank account over the same five year period.

To turn that expense into an investment changes your financial position $7,757.37 in the same five year period. In order to this all you have to do is think differently about this bill. In fact, a person can do this without loosing the value of this bill provides.

I recently talked to a person who had mentioned that they had no money. Let me expound upon no money. Their total income is less than $1,000.00 per month and they presently have less than $70 to last the remaining 18 days of the month. That is less than $3.89 per day for the remaining portion of the month.

You would think that a person in this position would do anything that to "have more." I offered to help this person change their life and their response to me was, "I think that would be too much of a hassle."

Hassle? Are you kidding me? A hassle is trying to live your life on less than $4.00 per day. I saw a quote the other day by the late actor John Wayne. It went like this, "Life is hard. It's harder if you're stupid."

I am by no means poor. My wealth grows every year. But even today I contently read to challenge my thinking because I realize that it is very easy to get, "stuck on stupid" and I don't want to live my life that way.

While in the persons home that I mentioned above, they had a nicer TV then I have. You see, simply taking some of that TV time and converting in an effort to change your life really does work. But you are the only reason why you are stuck

Conclusion: Start Changing Now

Until you change you, your life will never change. If you want to know the capacity of what you can create then simply look at your life. Because the life you presently have is the sum total of the decisions that you have made. In order to change your life condition you have to think differently.

Above in the Amazon capsule, did you pass over it or have you purchased any? They are good books that will challenge your view of life. If you just passed over them then that will tell you something about how you view life. Are you a "it's a hassle" to read books, do something different, or commit time that the person I talked about in this HUB?

Do you have someone in your life that is like me, who will tell you what to do and guide your into the changes that you need to make or are you one of those people who "knows what their doing" even though it's not working?

There is a person that I use in my business dealings who earns a commission every time I make a transaction. They are good at what they do, but they are poor. The difference between them and myself is that I look at things differently. The problem is you can only see what you are trained to see. I am presently about 20% through a 35 hour audio book that I am listening to. Why would I spend 35 hours listening to an audio book? Because I want to be able to see things that I presently can't see.

I realize that there is a lot of dead time in the things we do. Every time I drive, when I cook dinner, and periodically during other events I don't allow the time to be dead or listen to some singer sing a stupid song. I am feeding information into my mind in order to challenge my current state of thinking.

What will you do with the information of this HUB?


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