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How To Appeal A Property Tax Assessment-Appeal Tax Accessment

Updated on July 5, 2013

How To Appeal A Property Tax Assessment

Paying property taxes is something every property owner has to look forward to. Many of us accept our accessed value of our home along with the tax bill we receive. Your property taxes are in direct relations to the accessed value of your home.

If your accessed home value goes down so can your tax bill. When you add new construction your taxes go up along with the assessed property value .

If you are a new owner and believe that your taxes seem steeper than your neighbors call your county tax accessor office to fix this immediately. However in the new year you will have the opportunity after receiving your property tax notice to make your appeal.

Some people still may be paying for an older accessed value of their home when it was $100,000 more when purchased years ago. You may believe that this should be automatically adjusted but that is a very wrong assumption.

This job is yours, there is no budget money going to pay for a department to (give tax money away) lower your property taxes. This is the purpose of a tax appeal. But there is a way to have your tax bill lowered that does not involve selling your soul.

What you have to prove to get your property tax assessment lowered is that your property value has gone down substantially since the purchase of your home. Simply wanting to pay lower property taxes is not enough.If you begin to notice other similar properties are selling much lower than yours and is not a foreclosure, this is a pretty good indication that you may have to appeal your property taxes.

How To Appeal Tax Assessment-Reduce Property Taxes

  • Property Tax Notice-Your Property Tax Notice is sent early each year.
  • Tax appeal form- You can get this from your county tax office.
  • Court Date- You will receive this once your paper work is submitted.

You will have to check with your state to see what is required to appeal a tax assessment. For the best possible chance of lowering your property taxes you have to qualify. If your property is not in the proper range for an appeal it may be useless and a waste of energy. In most cases your home would have to be significantly lower in value to make such adjustments.

You can file your own tax appeal, use a Realtor, or tax appeal attorney. There is no license that qualifies on to help your appeal your property taxes. There are people that work in the real estate or tax field that can put together property compatibles for you and make a report for a fee that you can bring to your county tax office for your property re-assessmentment.

When your appealing your property taxes you have to realize that you are also asking for more money from your county. You may be in the right but you will be challenged and asked to settle for less. Many people settle and are agreeable because they are still paying less than before. When you feel the need to challenge a court decision it is best to seek a tax attorney. This may cost you some extra money but can save you thousands in years to come.

If you have never appealed your property taxes before you may want to check the similar sold properties 1 mile radius around your property. If the values of those homes are lower that what you paid for your property you should appeal your property taxes. The savings are worth the effort. Property Tax Assessments are a necessary process and beneficial tool when properly utilized.


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      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

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      Angel Caleb Santos 6 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

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