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What do people who have million dollar homes at the beach do for a living?

Updated on October 8, 2009

Please tell me the secret

I just came back from a weekend at Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. How do the people who own those million dollar homes afford them? What do they do that they can buy a million dollar home and let it sit 10 months out of the year? Please someone tell me? I know they probably have payments but a paymentt on that type of property would run $6,000 a month! I know they don' live in mobile homes and drive chevette's back home. To be able to afford these homes they would have to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

What do they do?

I know a McDonalds franchise owner or brain surgeon may be able to do that but, what other business owners or professions could?

Could a pizza shop owner? no

Could a Realtor? no

Could a hotel owner? no

Could a police officer? no

Could a politician? no

Could a banker? no

could a convenience store owner? no

Not all of these homes could and are owned by people who inherit wealth from their family.  Not all of theses are people who own hotel chains like the Hilton's or the Rockefeller's or Papa John himself. 

Will someone please tell me so I can change my losing ways and live the life I want to live !!! If I have to work 16 hours a day for the next few years move or do whatever I will just someone lead me into the right direction!!! PLEASE!!

If you know someone who owns a place like I am talking about please post a comment and let me know what it is that they have done to allow them to be able to afford a place like this. Thank you in advance


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    • profile image

      MDhome 2 years ago

      I'm a surgeon. Grew up poor (on welfare, poor), but always strived for something more. Worked hard in high school (while also working a part-time job supporting my family). Received an academic scholarship to go college (and I was the first high school graduate in my family). Worked hard in college. Got accepted into medical school. Worked even harder in medical school and matched into a surgery residency. Completed my residency and got a job as a general surgeon in the suburbs of a nice city. Then married another doctor. After 10 years of working and saving (and paying back student loans) we bought a million dollar home. We live very modestly otherwise - drive used Hondas, buy our groceries at Aldi and clothes at Target/Kohls. We hope to retire in our late 50s and plan to pay for our children's college education (bachelor's only - any graduate school is on them). With our current savings and investments, this should be very doable (even after "splurging" on our home). Hard work (and academic ambitions) made this possible.

    • profile image

      conan the barbarian 3 years ago

      Slang rocks from dawn to dusk

    • profile image

      Jeff 4 years ago

      By million dollar mansions jobs that can afford you that type of luxury living is either if you are a Professional Athlete NBA,NFL,MLB etc etc or some kind of Top Surgeon, CEO of a big company or if you were born in wealth, but business can get you to that too.

    • profile image

      Robert L'Orange. 4 years ago

      A lot of people are retired military. In other words they get a check every month for the rest of their life, ath the expense of the US taxpayer. Plus all of the other benefits.....therefore they can throw money away on a million dollar home every month because they will be getting a check next month that that have to spend.

    • profile image

      dustin 5 years ago

      shut up pam

    • profile image

      Pam 5 years ago

      I wish someone would teach me something to do so i can get off of damn welfare and have a real life.

    • profile image

      Becker 6 years ago

      Drice, what did you sell?

    • profile image

      drice 7 years ago

      Sure. You can do it. I was raised in a lower middle class neighborhood and I was blessed enough to live the life you describe. Of course, the blessings I value most are not the ones that cost money.

      In a decent high school, I got good enough grades to go to a better college. I used my college degree (not education) to get into a sales job with a reputable company. I worked hard and did better than others at the sales job. In my second year out of college, I made $100k. In my fourth year out of college, I earned in excess of $300k. I took a step back in my fourth and fifth year as I moved into management and worked through the ranks. By the time I was thirty years old, I was earning $400k+. I stayed in the same company the whole time and worked harder than anyone ever expected me to work. In leadership roles, I never took advantage of people, but always put them first. Some magical things happened and I was rewarded.

      After spending ten years in the company, I built a solid skill set and understanding of business and went out on my own to pursue the American Dream of 'business ownership'. It worked.

      You can make a great living as an employee. With a comp package of $250k, you can afford a great home on the ocean. You can make an even better living by owning a successful business and you can have several homes on many different oceans. Of course, the lessons that you'll learn along the way will probably lead to you rent someone else's otherwise-vacant-home on the ocean when you want some time away!

      Best of luck. Work harder than other people and take on any challenge that has a reward at the other end. it won't come to you easily, but you can achieve it.

    • profile image

      CG 8 years ago

      It is simple. People live beyond their means and our country does not have the financial regulations to stop them from doing so, or to protect them from themselves. Hence, the real estate collapse. Aside from that, those who really can afford them (they DO exist) are the minority. There are about 306 million people in the country and the average salary is about 50k USD/yr, so most people live in $200k houses, vacation driving distance from home and dream of one day striking in rich in the 'land of opportunity', where socio-economic mobility is almost dead due to our plutocratic society. The only way to truly strike it rich and afford a million-dollar secondary home is to take advantage of our capitalistic society and do something novel so that everyone will spend money. I've always wanted a cell phone that runs on something like Skype, so that I can call internationally for almost nothing. If you can do that I will pay a pretty penny for the equipment. . . and I bet a lot of other people would too!