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What Is Freelancing? All You Need to Know to Get Started.

Updated on December 16, 2019
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A freelancer. Trying my abilities on web development ( WORDPRESS) ...

Let me guess !! You are wondering what is freelancing.

Freelancing generally refers to the kind of work in which a person is self-employed, and does not necessarily have a long term contract with a client.

in short " A freelancer does not work under a brand but might work for a brand.''

The whole process works out in such a way that a freelancer advertises his/her skill set on social media or a freelance marketplace . Then, either the client looking forward to getting his work done contacts the freelancer or the client posts his project on an online marketplace and freelancers bid on it. The client then awards the project to a freelancer he prefers. ( methods vary from place to place ) .

Either way, the freelancer completes his/her task and provides it to the client within the deadline. Then the client, when satisfied with the work, pays the freelancer the agreed amount.

Simple, isn't it? Read on because I am gonna make it even simpler.

As far as the work is concerned it can be related to a variety of fields. Freelancing fields range from Graphic designing to Data entry, Mobile app development to Website management, Video editing to Content writing and the list continues to grow every day.

Many newer fields are created with the passage of time due to newer demands, but according to the latest statistics; search engine optimization, website development and management, content writing, graphic designing, and social media marketing remain the top of the list the most in-demand skills.

Freelancing is an anonymously spreading trend worldwide with over 55 million freelancers in the USA only. But wait a second, is that all just bread and butter, lets just briefly discuss the perks and drawbacks :

~ Advantages of being a freelancer .

Freelancing basically gives you the independence of choice. Independence of choosing when to work, how to work, how much to work and with whom to work.

1. Flexible working hours

A freelancer can work when he/she wants to work and take time off when he wants to. One can work in early morning hours or one can work at night and sleep till noon. The selection of working hours makes it different than a day job.

2. Control over projects and clients

A freelancer can accept or decline any project, and unlike a day job, one gets to choose the people he or she wants to work or deal with. Well, no more worrying about that rude potato stealing your donuts at work.

3. Environment of your choice

You can work wherever you want to, provided that you have a computer/laptop and a decent internet connection. In addition to that, you can at your own comfort, that includes while sitting on a bench in a local park or while in your undies cuddled in your bed.


And, last but not the least, the phrase you would have heard a million ( if not trillion ) times before from every freelance guru out there: YOU'RE THE BOSS.

When you are answerable to none but your client, you can choose to take a day off or even several days off depending on your workload and commitment. On the other hand, when you feel like earning a bit more than usual, you can put in extra time, maybe even work on weekends and of course, cherish the profits.

~ Disadvantages of being a freelancer .

Yeah! Let that sink in. Getting to know all the perks you would have never considered that drawbacks even exist. But let me break that to you, yes freelancing has some drawbacks.

1. No steady and reliable workload

Unlike a day job, you are not given a project every day. you're the boss of your own means that you've got to get up and seek for your own projects. Some days you might get more work than you can manage and on other days you might not get any project in a whole week. ( Don't be discouraged there are ways for dealing with situations like that ). The inconsistency in workload is what makes it risky. You might suffer from this more frequently in the beginning but once you've created a kick-ass portfolio this will be the least of your worries.

2. Sorting of work/personal time and health issues

Remember! you're the boss of your own. Means there is neither anyone to tell you to get up and start working nor anyone to tell you to go and get some rest. you've got to manage your own time. most of the people become soo enthusiastic about the work that they cross their limits, hence resulting in very less time for socializing and taking care of one's health which most probably would cause long term health problems.

3. Having to multi-task

You are independent and you have to manage your whole business personally. This means that you not only have to cope with the projects but also wear the hats of social media marketing, promoting your business, sales, etc.

4. No employee benefits

Well, this is by far the most significant one. No health benefits, no paid leaves, not even a gazette/national holidays. Every day that you take off is the day you do not work consequently the day you do not get paid.

5. Risks

Well, this is common in a freelance job and a day job. In a day job, you have the uncertainty of job security, being fired, not being good enough and losing the job.

A freelance job is the same. As everything is taking place online, there is a risk of payment fluctuations or maybe even not getting paid. However, these problems can be overcome by working on certified freelance marketplaces and having excellent communication with the client.

I hope this article proved to be helpful. Any query and opinions are highly encouraged. And don't forget to comment your thoughts below ...

© 2019 salmanz


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    • Bea Buenafe profile image

      Bea Buenafe 

      5 weeks ago

      Wow! This is so helpful. Thank you for this article. I am also in freelancing now, hopefully I can land a job soon.


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