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What is Viral? How to get Viral Marketing

Updated on May 12, 2011

About Viral Marketing

I am becoming more spontaneous when it comes to writing my hubs recently because when it comes to making money online you have to think on your feet and viral marketing is no different. It is all about hyping up what you know, you can have a great product but if you don't get yourself noticed you will not make any sales or gain any recognition from search engines.

You have two ways of attracting the traffic in order to get that click through or to sell your ideas, the obvious one that you probably already know about is to create authentic quality back links from bookmarking sites, article sites, forums and blog posts. Along with keyword inclusion in your text pages and URL this can get traffic in bulk from search engines if you rank on the first results pages, however this is hard work and doesn't always guarantee results.

I have been experimenting lately with viral marketing because I wanted my social networking site to get off the ground and I tried some seo software called free viral and another called Viral Traffic Outbreak, I will proceed to share my conclusion on this method of traffic exchange.

Get more traffic with Honest Viral

The most popular viral traffic at the moment is 'Guerilla Viral', it is called this because there are methods involved that intrude on people's surfing privacy. I dabbled a little with the darkside, not intentionally but I wanted to see what options were available to me, methods such as the pop under window aren't actually that annoying since you don't immediately disrupt what the viewer is looking for and they might find your product useful when they discover the window later on.

Free viral involved filling out a simple registration form and pasting a snippet of html code into my homepage Dreamweaver file, also during the registry process you are require to checkout 5 other websites of others who have signed up but you can hit back on your browser immediately. This form of 'Guerilla' viral trafficking spreads like wildfire but doesn't really give you the targeted traffic that you get with backlinking, now you can see why I say there are little rules involved.

The Free viral scheme is like a pyramid system in which your website link is passed with other peoples referral ads, for example, you will obviously be downline 1 on your advertisement and then you will stay downline 2 permanently on your first referral's advertisement and 3 on there first referral's and so on.

Blog Traffic methods

I was about to create this hub and include my referral link when I was notified by Hubpages filter that my link included was recognised as against Adsense terms of service, I was shocked and quickly removed it from any of my websites since I was concerned. Obviously I knew that you are not allowed to encourage people to click on your advertisements but I thought I was just attracting visitors, but it is better to be safe than sorry even though it was on my site 2-3 weeks already.

It is also advised that you don't use pop-up advertisements alongside Adsense since the TOS guidelines point out that your website should be easy to navigate, I guess that goes for pop under's as well.

I have now returned to my previous attempts to gain viral traffic via Youtube videos and there are two methods of achieving this. You can either search existing videos, preferably with the 100,000 visitor range and then send a polite email asking if they can post a link to your hub underneath it.

You can also create new interesting videos of your own and gain viral from word of mouth when people tell their friends 'Have you seen that cool video about...' Below is my attempt at making a promotional video for my website, there are many software programs but I had to make do with limited capability by using free software. Hope you found this useful and entertaining!

Cool Video about Viral Marketing


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