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Why You're Not Rich.

Updated on August 23, 2014

What is Your Money Goal?

There are several general types of money goals that people have. These include:

1. Making money doing something you're interested in.

2. Earning a salary doing something you've trained for/are good at.

3. Earning a wage just to make ends meet and live a comfortable life.

4. Making money so that you can be lazy and relax.

This article will focus on #4. It's such a common goal amongst people that you've got to laugh when you hear it. If you didn't laugh or are someone who actually has this goal; well, you better read on lest you waste your entire life chasing this unachievable goal.

The Unachievable Goal

Is your goal in life to make money and then be lazy and relax?

Maybe you've phrased it differently and your goal is to make a truckload of money and then do nothing all day.

Whatever way you've phrased it in your own mind, I'm sorry that I have to tell you some bad news: you'll never reach this goal.

Why will you never reach this goal? Let me explain...

1. Making money is never easy. NEVER.

2. Making money takes hard work and dedication. HARD. DEDICATED.

3. Being lazy and relaxing are the opposite of hard work and dedication. THE OPPOSITE.

Make Your Choice

I want to:

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The Unachievable Goal Explained

So, should you give up your goal of making a ton of money and then retiring? In one word, yes.

Give up this goal before you find yourself working at menial, low-paying jobs until you're 45. Stop thinking like this and achieve something real. Get these thoughts out of your mind and your life will turn around 180 degrees.

Firstly, it's totally acceptable to want to make lots of money. It's totally fine if you want to enjoy the finer material things in life. It's not a bad thing if you want to be on permanent vacation. But, you have to know that all these things take hard work and dedication.

If you want to drive a new Lexus instead of an old Chevy Cavalier, you're going to have to focus on working hard. If you work a full-time job and spend your off-time improving yourself, taking courses, learning new things, building a side business... well, you'll have that Lexus, but you're going to be tired and you're going to be working really hard. If you work a full-time job and spend your days off doing nothing at all, spending your money, or having fun... well, you're still going to be driving that Chevy. How are you supposed to get the better things in life without putting in more effort?

If you put in the same level of effort every day, don't expect your life to change.

More effort = results in your life every day

If you think about it, wanting to make a lot of cash and then wanting to suddenly stop that cash flow in order to be lazy and do nothing is a paradox. Think about it...

Suppose you had the opportunity to make $100,000 a year... would you only work 10 years, save up nearly $1 million, quit and then spend it all over the next couple of years? What would happen if you spent it too fast? What would happen if you ran out of money? How would you feel with no more income and a dwindling bank account?

Obviously, any sane individual would keep working that $100K a year job and milk it for all it was worth. He or she would work that job, make the money, and then take vacations and enjoy weekends. This leads me to my next point.

Change Your Thinking

So, don't have "permanent retirement" as your goal. Your goal should be to work hard, make your money, and then enjoy your life in between. Enjoy a nice weekend out with your friends... enjoy a nice two-week vacation with your family... enjoy driving a Lexus and enjoy a nice house. Put in effort toward your money-making endeavours (whatever you do), and you'll be able to enjoy a better life (and possibly help the less fortunate; people, animals, the Earth).

Best of all, you really will start to see your goal materialize. If only you change your goal to one that makes logical sense.

Your New Goal

Your new goal should be something along the lines of the following:

- Get education/training and build a fruitful career in __________.

- Start a business in something I know a lot about/have a lot of experience in. Build that business, grow it, be dedicated to it for decades.

What People are both Rich and Lazy?

wannabe hipsters without trust funds, get-rich-quick schemers, dreamers
the wife or children of the below
uneducated, new immigrants
highly-educated, entrepreneurs, corrupt politicians


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