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What is a Dental Discount Plan for the Seniors

Updated on April 18, 2011

The dental discount plans for the seniors are still in their nascent phase and that is why many people are still to know about them. The traditional dental plans are out of the reach of several seniors due to the high costs of these plans. On the contrary, the discount dental plans are within the reach of every individual senior and are customizable according to the needs and budgets of the senior citizens and this is the very basis of the existence of the discount dental plans.

Dental Discount Plans are not necessarily the Insurance Plans

Here one has to make it clear that these dental discount plans are not the insurance plans in all its essence. These plans simply provide a significant discount to its members for different dental procedures and surgeries. If a senior is not already going through a dental procedure under the supervision of a dentist, he or she is entitled to get a proper dental discount plan, which doesn’t need any waiting periods as the dental insurance plans do. Moreover, there is no age limit for these dental plans along with no exclusions at all. But even if you are already going through a dental procedure, you can avail these dental plans simply be getting through the present dental procedure you are undergoing.

How Much Discount

A senior citizen of the age of 65 or above can avail the services of these dental discount plans. The savings under these plans could be as much as 60% of the total cost of a normal dental procedure. These dental plans need very less paperwork against the cumbersome paperwork of the dental insurance plans. One of the best parts of these dental discount plans is that they don’t have any health restrictions.


So, all you have to do to get enrolled for a dental discount plan is to find one and become its member, after paying a pre-determined membership fee. But make sure that the plan you are signing for is providing its services in your own area. After all these formalities, you will get a membership card and the list of the names with address of the dentists practicing in your area. This plan will let you know the information through which you would be able to get the service of a dentist within 3 business days.


Once you get appointment to a dentist you will need to show the dental plan membership card and there you are. The dentist will perform a basic dental examination and then you can decide which kind of procedures you want to be get done instantly and then you can come again later for other procedures, if need be. So, it can be said that these dental discount plans are the best and most affordable for the seniors unless they don’t have Medicare coverage.


These dental plans have become a necessity for the seniors having fixed incomes. Due to a fixed income and the regular expenses the seniors hardly save some money to spare for the so-called luxury of routine dental check-ups. There are no pre-existing conditions to be fulfilled for getting enrolled in these dental discount plans. So, it can be concluded that these dental discount plans has proved to be a boon for the senior citizens as far as their dental conditions are concerned.


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