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How Much Time Does Blogging Really Take?

Updated on January 19, 2018
Journalism, Blogging is it work?
Journalism, Blogging is it work?

How much time does Blogging really take?

Blogging can take limitless amounts of time. No matter what you are writing about. You can start your own blog by signing up for your own domain which is a lot easier. With having your own domain for your blog you have more freedom with what you can do with it. Blogging takes a lot of time, you have to set it up yourself if you have your own domain. You have to set up your own ads, but if you have your own domain you can make more money. If you decided not to have your own domain and use, a site like Hubpages for your blog, you won’t make as much money because you don’t pick the ads the ads are chosen for you. When the ads are chosen for you, it doesn’t take so long for you to work on your blog.

If you use a site, everything is laid out In black and white, you don’t have to do much of the marketing for your blog. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share it on your own media pages but, you don’t have to find your own ads and you don’t have to do much marketing. No matter what type of blog you use, whether it is your own domain or using a different site, getting your blog off the ground takes a long time. When you blog, you don’t just write a post. You research the post, think of questions and what you are going to say when you write it, you are also thinking of how you are going to get people involved in the post that you are writing. With your own domain, you have to know a lot more about, setting up your own website, but if you use a site everything is set up for you. You just need to fill it out the sections that you want to use.

Blogging takes a lot of time if you really want to get somewhere with it. Why I say that blogging takes a lot of time is because you have to think of the topics yourself. You have to make sure that they work for your basis of your blog. Also known as it has to work with your introductory post as does every other blog post you write. You need the right photos for your posts, the right information so that people will read them. Also if you write a post in November don’t think that you are going to have to update later. It will be featured on your blog for a little bit, but once the information is outdated, you are going to have to go back through and update the information so that people will look at a specific post again.

Blogging is writing and editing and writing and editing 24/7. It takes a lot of time and energy to come up with the posts that you think people are going to read, and then to edit them so that they will continue to be read is even harder. Sometimes you don’t know how to edit a blog post so that people will look at it, I guess what I am trying to say is that blogging is a lot of trial and error. So it will take a lot of time, to get your blog to where you need it to be, you just have to be willing to put in the time.

Blogging can take days, it can take months it can take years. If you have a blog and are determined to get it somewhere, the amount of time it takes to get you there is totally up to you. You have to put the effort into it, in order to see results. So blogging takes, however, long you want it too, if you want a good result for your blog, it will take a long time because you are going to have to do trial and error. So with blogging being a lot of trial and error blogging can take hours, years and months, especially if you research how to do it before you begin.

I looked at a lot of different things before I started blogging. I looked at the best site to use, and then I looked at how to get my blog out there in the best way, how to get follows and page views, it wasn’t like I woke up one day and decided to be a blogger. It took weeks and a lot of reading. It really depends on how much, research you want to do before you start blogging, also how much research you want to do for your posts, and what site you want to use. If you decide to use a site there are still things you are going to have to do like I mentioned before but in my opinion, using a site is easier than buying your own domain if you are just starting out. If you know what you are doing then sure get your own domain but if you are still learning to use a site learn all you can first. Ask fellow bloggers, that you know or ask your friends in the media if you have some. Don’t try to do it on your own if you don’t know what you are doing, ask questions if you need help it will benefit you in the end and it won’t take so much time. Blogging takes a lot of time and energy but the more you blog the better you will become at it, and the easier ideas and the words will come. If you really want to be a blogger don’t give up, it will happen to you eventually.

Blogging takes a lot of time but if you are willing to put in the time, then you will get to where you need to be with it. Blogging is a learning process which takes months sometimes years. How much time do you think blogging takes? I have given you what I think but I want to know your opinions. Blogging is a great way to write if you want to start writing small, why not start blogging it is easy it will take the time it doesn’t just happen overnight. Nothing ever does, blogging is another form of writing that can be a learning experience for aspiring writers, that Is what I have learned through my five or so months of blogging.

Blogging is a never-ending process of writing new material promoting your old material and updating it and getting a following. It takes limitless amounts of time as I have mentioned above but it is a great experience and you learn a lot. It is an adventure in itself, and something fun that you can do from anywhere, so if you want something to keep you on your toes at all times why not take a crack at blogging. It does take a lot of time sometimes years before you are fully up and running and your blog practically runs itself, besides the updating and writing of new content.

How much time does blogging really take?

How much time does blogging really take?

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Blogging takes time but it is fun

Once you have a good and loyal following you are almost all set. As long as you keep up with the editing of your posts and writing new ones you are good, and depending on the type of blog you have you can even set up your posts to post and share automatically. But this depends on the blog that you have, for example, if you use a site like HubPages, you will have share yourself, instead of it doing it automatically if you pay for a website you can set it up to post and share automatically so that you won't have to remember to post you will just have to remember to write.

It still takes a lot of time to come up with posts, and then you have to write the posts and constantly edit them with the new content that is relevant to the post that you have written. So blogging is something that is never ending no matter how much you might want it to end. It takes a lot of time because it never really stops. Blogging is a 24 hour a day job because most bloggers will spend all day long thinking of new material or editing or update their old material a bloggers brain is always moving it never shuts off, which makes blogging seem limitless because most bloggers just keep going no matter how tired they feel. Or at least that is the way I work.

Blogging is a 24-hour job because you are always thinking about it, not that it takes 24 hours to produce one post. In actuality it takes makes four to six hours to produce a post and post it which means blogging can take four to six hours to do in a day, but that also depends on what you are doing in regards to your blog. Blogging can take as much time as you allow it to take, because when you blog it is up to you how much work you put into it a day. Or at least that is what I understand about it.

It takes as much time as you are willing to give it since most bloggers can make their own hours and blog when it fits into their schedule. Which means it can take as much time as a person wants to give it, blogging can be limitless if anything you think of can turn into a blog. This has happened to me, a number of times so I am always jotting things down in my note section of my phone where I make a note about blogging and add to it when blogging ideas pop into my head.

So if blogging is always on your mind how much time do you think it really takes? That is the question that you should be asking yourself when you first start blogging. At least that is what I did, and have realized that it takes all the time that I give it, which is most of my time because I love thinking up posts and the writing process the editing not so much but I can live with it.

Blogging, however, doesn't feel like a 24-hour job because for most bloggers it comes easy and they make it work with their everyday life. So it doesn't seem like it takes a lot of time if that is what a blogger enjoys even though it does take a lot of time. The most time-consuming thing that bloggers have to deal with in my opinion is updating and editing the old content. Other than that blogging comes easy even if it is a 24-hour job.

Blogging is something that never stops in the sense that people who blog are always thinking about blogging and talking about it to their blogging friends. It is the type of job or career whatever you want to call it that you can make work around the life you already have, which is one of the things that people who blog look for so that they don't have to give up on what they are already doing in terms of living there life.

I have made blogging a full -time job and I have written an entire post about it, the reason why is because I love it that much. For me to come up with a post-it takes minutes it is the writing that takes about six hours or less depending on how fast I can type that day. If I am planning posts it could take hours which is sometimes a good thing so that I can just write throughout the week instead of planning each day and then writing what I plan. So again I am going to reiterate that blogging takes as much time as a person gives it if they want it to be a job they are going to treat it that way work on it for hours a day. That is what I do and I am sure others do too.

The time that blogging takes
The time that blogging takes

Blogging takes a limitless amount of time but it is an adventure

Blogging takes a limitless amount of time because there is so much to consider when blogging, It is not all about writing posts, it is about research, writing, planning, and getting to know what it takes to become a blogger, what site you want to use, and so many other things. It takes time to become a blogger but it is a great adventure so if you want to go on an adventure become a blogger and see what adventure your blogging life takes you on.

How much time does blogging really take Let's Discuss

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      I think the amount of time that you spend depends on what you do. It depends on how much you automate and streamline as well.