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What is residual income?

Updated on May 31, 2014

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Residual VS. Linear Income

Residual income is the income of the 21st century. To really understand what this means let’s compare it to one you’re probably familiar with, called linear income.

Linear income is exchanging your time for money. Working a “9-5” job and getting paid hourly or a salary. This is the income that most of the world gets to make a living.

Now that you know that, residual income is doing a job well once and getting paid for it over and over again each month. You create a legacy allowing that income to keep on coming in generations after you.

What professions give you this income?

Musicians – They record one album and continue to get paid for that job that they did once for their lives and generations after them. Example: Michael Jackson

Authors – They write a book and continue to get royalties from it month after month and long after they are gone. Example: J.K. Rowling

Other examples are artists, inventors, etc.

How do you make Residual Income?

If you are none of the examples above don’t worry! I was in the same situation as you and if I’m generating residual income you can too. After learning from the experts I found out that I have another option that Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommend and go as far as saying that this is the perfect business!

Interested in finding out more?

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