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What is the Best Time to Go...Anywhere

Updated on May 30, 2013

It always seems like there is somewhere to go, people to see, things to do, and while you’re sitting there inside contemplating heading out to run errands, your blood begins to boil because you know that you’re going to be stuck in line, deal with traffic and be surrounded by people. If only there was a way to get in and out! But there is!, well, almost. Taking advantage of human nature and making some tweaks to your schedule can free up valuable time and make those endless trips a little less time consuming. So take a look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite, or at least, not when they’re doing it.

Do you adjust your schedule to avoid lines and wait time?

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GROCERY SHOPPING: Weekends and after work are probably the worst times to go. People stop to pick up last minute ideas for dinner or shop for the following week.

Best time to go: after 9pm. Most people have eaten and are winding down their night. If you can hold off, the later the better. You’ll have free reign over the store to browse and shop smart. Avoid the weekends or try early mornings if late nights aren’t your thing.

GAS STATION: considering that you’re there once or twice a week on average, the busiest times or most inconvenient times are before and after work.

Best time to go: during lunch. There is no rush like the morning fill up, to hurry and get to work on time, and you avoid delaying getting home…to get gas. What a bummer!

HAIRCUTS: After work is popular, weekends and mornings are popular. Pretty much when seniors and the employed would go are the popular times, and nothing is worse than low-turnover when women pack salons taking hours for their hair.

Best time to go: Sunday morning. While people are off to church, be the first in line at the salon.

GYM: Before work or after work are usually busy, with the morning crew a little less intense than after work.

Best time to go: Late night, before close. 10pm usually has most people in bed and most people in their right mind wouldn’t think of working out that late. If you’re a night owl, this could be the ideal routine to get into. If not, the next best alternative would be at lunch, or early early morning. Yikes.

The BANK: If you absolutely can’t use the ATM or internet, and need to venture in to handle your business, most people go at lunch or right after work. Avoid Fridays and weekends.

Best time to go: 11am. people tend to go during their off time from work, so if you can squeeze in before the average lunch break begins, you’ll be in and out in no-time. You’ll also have the full bank staff on hand before they start rotating out shifts for lunch.

WORK COMMUTE: Standard work hours, the 9 – 5 translates into traffic nightmares at 7:30am and 5:30pm. With the morning commute slightly easier than the evening commute.

Best time to leave: If you have the flexibility, the best times for a commute are between 8:30 – 9am and 6:30- 7pm. Now granted, after 9am, 8pm, etc is better, but this is sticking as close to the 9 – 5 as possible. You can always leave earlier in the morning, but no matter what, the afternoon commute is always worse. Largely because of teenagers and those already home running around in various against the grain patterns. So make your morning commute efficient, and try to coast on the back end of those who leave at 5:30pm on the way home. By now, the accidents have already happened, so check for trouble first and avoid the mess from the beginning.

ANYWHERE: because people tend to have a group mentality, the time to go anywhere is to think about when you would normally go and then go either before or after. So if you want to go to the movies….people normally would go at night, on weekends, so go during the day or weekdays. If you wanted to take a trip, most would tend to go Thurs- Sunday, or Fri – Sun, so go Sat – Mon, etc. And the benefit from taking advantage of off times is usually abundant. You get more space, more attention from workers, often find discounts and most importantly, you spend less time.


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