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What Soft Skills Make Freelance Developer Successful

Updated on May 12, 2019
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Prachi has been working as a freelance writer since 2012. When not writing, she helps people with web designing and development.

Soft Skills
Soft Skills

When we hear the word “Developer/Software Developer”, all we think about the sea of technical skills because that’s what sufficiently distinguish them from the rest of the workforce. But when we precisely talk about Freelance Software Developer, are good technical skills enough for them to be successful? Certainly, not. The reason is that the ample amount of responsibilities that they need to handle to smoothen their freelancing business. It includes searching for clients, submitting proposals, discussing project objectives and carrying on a further conversation with the client to deliver a high-quality project. In short, besides technical capabilities, freelance developers need to know some basic soft skills as well.

1. Empathy

A successful freelance developer is one who consistently understands client’s needs and satisfies them rigorously. For this, it is important to have a service-oriented attitude and empathize with your clients. The things won’t get right all the time, so it is important to discuss all the scenarios with the clients and ask for extra time to give them an error-free result.

2. Communication

Since working as a freelancer is more like a business, it is important to have good and effective communication skills. Also, projects include the collaboration of individuals as a team. You need to have a polite and very strong communication with your team as well as clients to build long-lasting professional relations. Indulge in a habit of having expert communication through electronic media as you will need to talk to people globally either via phone or via Skype.

3. Adaptability

Tech development is the most attractive and rapidly changing field. With the innovation running at a faster pace than ever before, clients are looking for developers who can adapt to the latest technologies within no time. Freelance developers should be flexible to changes and ready to adopt the latest technologies to fulfil clients’ needs.

On the other hand, since the technologies are changing day by day, developers who early adopt them have the chances of earning higher than the rest of its counterpart.

4. Discipline

Discipline sounds quite a monotonous wordand everyone would be like, “Oh! We know, do not bore us with some philosophical thoughts.” Well, indeed yes. Everyone knows this word, still, we are so clumsy to mix it into our daily lives. If you listen to successful people, then the only thing they ask you to adapt is Discipline. Try it and you will know how to manage tasks and other daily work on your own.

On the other hand, time management is the effective and most important part of self-discipline. You should know how to create a structured work schedule and follow them religiously.

Put emphasis on the most important and time-sensitive tasks first, then followed by small ones.

I know it might make eyes and mind weary, but your efficiency level will increase and that’s how it goes. At last, work is work, better it is done with discipline than clumsiness.

5. Solutions not Problems

Those who are new to the tech world and even those who have years of experience in this field know very well that development process includes lots of leaps and is never a straight forward procedure. Facing problems and glitches is quite normal. It is extremely important to bring solutions on the table rather than problems, to optimize the system. Always begin the project with a problem-solving approach.

Accountability is a very important soft skill that every developer should inherit to sort out problems with clients. Accept your flaws and take responsibility to solve the problems quickly and learn from mistakes.

The soft skills that I have mentioned here are nothing new and must be known to every developer working as a freelancer. But the problem is we tend to compromise them when facing complex problems and delving our mind into the high-stress level.

Freelancing is not just a remote job, it is an essential part of you in the route to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Freelancing is nothing but a well-planned business. The better soft skills you possess, the higher will be the chances of you earning more.

Another benefit of having these soft skills is that whenever the client will need the developer to handle new tasks, he/she will directly approach you.


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