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What to Expect With Amazon Canada Coupons

Updated on April 18, 2012

Are you a bargain hunter and like to shop online? If so, then you probably already know and understand the convenience and rewards that come with online shopping, especially when it comes to finding top quality products for a great low price.

Many savvy shoppers choose to shop at for that exact reason, and furthermore the wide range of products available caters to most needs and budgets. In fact, it’s a good website for buying anything from music, books, movies, DVDs, jewelry, gifts, clothing and more.

However, have you ever found yourself at the checkout ready to pay and then been given the opportunity to enter a “promotional claim code”. I have, and then I have subsequently searched all over the Internet to find one. Have you ever found one?

Where are those promo codes, anyway?

One of the reasons why these promotional claim codes are so difficult to find is for the simple reason that they are very rarely made available to shoppers of Amazon Canada ( On the other hand, promo codes for are a little easier to come across but in most cases do not work on the Canadian website. How frustrating is that for any bargain-hunter?

One option is to consider shopping at and using one of the many discount codes available, however you will more than likely offset any savings by the expensive shipping charges that are payable for delivery to a Canadian address.

Not to worry though, because there still are plenty of opportunities for Canadian residents or Canadian citizens to save money when shopping at Amazon. However it just takes a little further understanding of the types of promotions and deals that are available.

How to realistically save 50-90% at

Instead of searching for those aloof promo codes (the ones that are entered in the checkout stage) search instead for an Amazon Canada Coupon, which is essentially a link to a deeply discounted category of products, or an individual product that is available to buy at

By deeply discounted, I am referring to anything up to 90% off regular retail price!

These discounts are generally made available to anyone associated or affiliated with Amazon, including coupon websites such as

With an Amazon Canada Coupon that links to a special offer, deal or discount, you could expect to receive money-saving opportunities such as free shipping as well as percentages off the retail price of a product or service. It certainly pays to browse for such an online coupon before heading to the website to shop.

How to Search Google for an Amazon Canada Coupon

Searching for an online coupon through any search engine can bring good results if you get the search term right. Remember that preferably you would want to filter out any results that do not pertain to Canada.

Therefore entering the search term “Amazon Canada Coupon” or “ coupon codes” (even though there aren’t many codes available) will likely bring the best search results of sites that are updated regularly with special discounts, daily deals, and the occasional promotional claim code (if of course there are any to be had!)


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    • secondimage profile image

      secondimage 5 years ago from From a place lost in time and space

      great article cloverleaf, so glad to have found you on this fantastic community :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Online shopping is becoming a preferred purchase habit with so many people. The coupons are a definite draw to using it more often. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      You put so much work into finding out everything.

      I have shopped on Amazon mostly police information when I was writing that kind of story. Maybe I should go back on to see what they are selling today, thank you.

      Voted up, Joyce. It's really good to see your name again.