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What to do if your online products don't sell?

Updated on July 28, 2015

Sometimes, even if we carefully chose or produced our products, they simply don't sell. Here are some things to do if that's the case:

1. Improve the photos, titles and keywords

A good presentation is essential for selling a product online, as the person has to rely on photos and descriptions. Take as many photos are needed to show all the meaningful details and describe your product so the person can know all the details about what she's buying. Good background, good focus and background colors that don't deviate the attention from the product or even attract it are the best. A neutral color, like black or white, is ideal. Background objects and mess must not be visible. No photos on your sofa or bed, unless it is a cushion or bed product and your sofa or bed and background room are very neat and nice. Keywords are also essential so that the person can find your product in the listings. Consider learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A good and neat template also helps. It shows you put attention and value on your product. If it doesn't work

2. Lower the price

Sometimes you are just asking too much for the product. And sometimes people would want to buy the product, even if it's not that good, for a lower price.
Try lowering the price. Monitor the visits the product receives. If it keep receiveing few visits, it is because people are still not intrested in it, so lower it more, until it starts attracting interest. But if it fails,

3. Clearance

Sell the product for the cost of buying/production.
If you bought the product for reselling, sell it for its original cost plus delivering cost and packaging. This way you will at least recover the money you spent on it and, if you wish, you can try investing in a new different product. But if even that fails

4. Sell it under the price

That's the last measure to take, so you can at least recover part of the money you spent.


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    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 2 years ago

      I have noticed that many supermarkets often have a heavily discounted sale of products that are approaching the expiry date.