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What to invest in: Best ways of money investment for beginners

Updated on January 24, 2011

Investment definition & Why we invest

Many of us make money to live. Once our needs are bought then the extra money is put into investments. This is a simple way how most of us view the term something called INVESTMENT.

Investment definition: Investment is a process to acquire some capital goods, assets or commodities with an intention to save the money at hand and also provide exponential return in the value of the money in future.

In other words, investment is a way wherein you convert your money which is available into some form of equivalent value with a hope to get high return in value of the money spent to acquire them.

Since money loses its value on the long run, investment is an option to save the value of money for future.

In the present economical conditions not only the earnings but even saving are harder. So having investments is a safe option for future.

But many people have a question of where to invest money or how to invest money and then seek some financiers advice.

What to invest in- options to invest

Investment basics: Investment requires some commodity or service to acquire some other commodity or asset which can be of more value in future.

So what to invest ?.. Many of us think only money is required for investment. But

we have got many investment options in daily life

We can invest our TIME, MONEY, SKILL, REPUTATION, etc.

TIME can be invested in building good fame, writing books, useful content on the web,etc.

You can also invest your time in finding a bright spouse or trust worthy person (god father) who can make your life better. J

MONEY can be invested in stocks, gold & silver, real estate, farms, rented conveyances on land, air & water.

SKILL can be invested to get research patents ex: Suzuki motor technology was invested in Maruthi auto motives (Maruthi Suzuki) and Honda technology was invested in Hero group of company of two wheelers (Hero Honda) for a percentage of profit which has kept growing over since the start.

Even the Great Scientist Edison used patents to grow his busyness which went over to form the GE (General Electric) world's second largest company.

As a writer make royalty by writing evergreen useful content on websites or even on Hubpages. sort off, useful books like Wilson and Giswalds- A book on medicinal chemistry, Guytons-Human physiology, Grays-Human anatomy etc which were published many decades ago but still make a big sale in the market.

REPUTATION: Invest a good reputation if you have one into any new busyness ventures for return of percentage profit etc. This is followed by many companies. Ex: In health care industry small companies manufacture drugs on a loan license and sell with the brand name of well know players of course with the full permission and techniques of the latter. Celebrities invest their stardom or fame in advertising etc.

So control of your right behavior can be turned into investment in your society in future ;-)

Best ways to invest money-The WAY WE SPEND

Let’s turn our spending attitude into investment. Though this is not always possible, still they are fair chances of investment in spending choices.

You need to have an eye on your spending choices to turn them into investments. This is because every one wants or makes money for their needs, comforts and enjoyment.

So turn these needs, comforts and enjoyments as your investment options. These same needs and comforts of yours can also satisfy other’s needs and comforts. It is that simple ;-)……….

Low return investment choices; Purchase of electronics/gadgets like watches etc. These goods have very low or sometimes nil resale value. So they are not good chances of investment. So think a while when you spend on these commodities. The technology always loses value and better technology arrives for even cheaper or better price. So if your will still compels to purchase these goods then find a place with better prices or keep a watch on mega sales timings wherein same commodities are offered at lower price.

Medium return investment choices: Purchase of vehicles, furniture etc. These goods are resalable though not more than the value of purchase, they still provide at least half of the value of purchase when you sell them. So your next purchase will not be a complete new expenditure because you have some amount of money from previous purchase. These can be bought based on our need and comfort but at the same time try to stick to good brands and models so as to cash up immediately at better prices when you sell them.

Ex: A Honda bike can be sold out easily at better prices than other competitors.

High return investment choices: These are the best modes of investment. Every one of us need a home to live, lands for farming or  gold, silver & diamonds jewellery (in Asian countries) for fashion, farm lands etc. These act as real sources of investments wherein many times they tend to increase their value in the long run and provide high returns to the owner.

And even more they are secure and are under you control. They provide you comfort, satisfy your needs and act as financial security  and status symbol.

You also don’t need to run behind investment teachers or financiers, depend on world markets growth, keep regular tensed watch on your stocks, and suffer from insecurity in the name of investment.

Is this option reliable?

Many banks lend you money at low interest rates easily if you mortgage your real estate, home etc. Because it is that they are lending loan but is a investment to bank either way.

Some funding agencies lend money as gold loans with the same attitude, they lend you money by mortgage of your gold jewelery. If you can't return the loan then your gold is their investment.

Even there are some insurance and mutual fund agencies which invest your money paid to them in some real estate property as a means of security. When the time arrives they return your money from some other source but the estate asset is theirs. So they get both money and security but you get only money.

Yourself investing in these options gives your high return in value for money besides security and peace of mind.

So think once again of what to invest in and best ways to invest money if you are just a beginner .........


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