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What is credit card credit?

Updated on March 20, 2016

International payment cards are divided into three categories which are

Debit card: The main function is only used with the amount of payment in your account - ie bank account, the user how many they were. To open this card, you must open an account at the bank and the card associated with your account. Card payments are mainly used to shop at places that support international payment cards. There are 2 types of debit local debit card (ATM card is) and international debit cards (Visa Debit and Debit Master), with ATM card, you can only spend in the country, while the international debit card then you can use it abroad.
Card Prepaid card: Functions similar payment Debit card, but the money will spend the money of the card rather than bank account money. That is to add money to the card and how much load consumption this much, it's the same as you recharge your card to go train do.The SUICA also be used to withdraw cash and pay. This card type at the user!
Credit card tag: <== This guy called credit new nè. Functions are paid but do not need the money in your bank account that you can "spend first, pay later" (within the limits allowed). This card is mainly used to pay for shopping and are used to withdraw cash at event mat.Dieu card depends on your salary is paid through the card company, while you work, ... or you will be asked to open passbook to prove liquidity, ... this card has one number like Visa and Master Card, JCB, Saison ... etc.


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