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When The IRS Calls, Are You Going To Jail?

Updated on April 11, 2014

The Fear

What could be a more feared situation than this? You’re sitting there, enjoying a nice cocktail, hot summer day and the doorbell rings. As you walk to answer it, something inside feels a bit off, and you notice a very “official” looking car through the window. As you open the door, there is an expressionless cold staring man on the other side. He’s obviously a government agent of some type, and he says with flat tone. “IRS”. Your heart sinks into your chest and you don’t know what to do.

This could happen to anyone, at any time, although there are circumstances which can greatly increase your chances of being visited by quite possibly the most feared of all government agencies around.

Al Capone

But will you really go to jail if an IRS agent comes knocking? There are too many variables to tell you yes or no. But I can put things into perspective for you so you can get an idea of how serious the IRS is about back taxes. Let’s talk about the most notorious gangster that has ever lived – the kind of gangster who puts all the wannabe gang bangers to shame without even raising a finger – Al Capone.

Capone was one of the hardest and most criminal men to ever walk the earth. This ruthless Chicago crime boss was responsible for some of the most vile acts ever committed in history. Murder one, racketeering, extortion, gigantic prostitution rings, illegal alcohol sales during prohibition, and illicit gambling just to name a few. He was even responsible for the St.Valentine’s Day Massacre – one of the bloodiest mass killings in American history (and it was done in public no less).

Tax Evasion

But none of that got Capone convicted! All the feds, cops, and politicians he paid off who kept him out of the slammer for decade after decade of crime waves couldn’t save him. You know what finally got him? Tax evasion! The IRS came and threw him in the pen for not paying his taxes. And if they did that to a violent criminal like Capone without fear, and let him slide on everything else, just think what they will do to you.

I’m not telling you all of this to scare you. Actually, I’m here to take away your fear of the IRS. It’s simply important that you take this topic seriously. I want to give you knowledge about how you can avoid the big house, and live happy, healthy, and free from spooky IRS agents knocking at your door. It’s not just the bad guys that end up in jail, the average everyday Joe and Jane often find themselves in sad circumstances as well.

These circumstances could have come about as a result of attempting to do their own taxes (improper filing of taxes is one of the top reasons people get fined or even worse end up in jail). This is why it’s so important for you to hire a tax professional to help file your taxes, or if you are already behind, in trouble, or just unsure, it’s in your best interest to talk to someone who is specialized in this area right away. It may cost you a little to hire someone to help you, but anything beats owing the IRS, and anything beats spending time in jail.


Back to the question, “When the IRS calls, am I going to jail?” It’s too early to say, but it can be said that if it’s the criminal investigation department of the agency, and you have been knowingly breaking the law, the odds may not be in your favor.

On the other hand if you are innocent of any malicious acts against the government and have made a few mistakes you may be able to get out of extreme fines, or serious jail time. The best option would be to speak with someone who knows taxes, and who knows how to deal with the IRS. Because it’s not worth playing around with, and taking the initiative could save your tail in the end.

Handle The IRS Bullies!

In most situations the IRS will want their money, and in most situations they will want it immediately. This is where most people fail; years of mistakes or abuse can lead to outrageous debts with IRS, and when they come collecting it can tend to turn your entire life upside down. You might need an expert who is on your side – who can even the playing field for you – who knows how to fight the IRS bully.

In very real and straight forward terms, if the IRS calls or shows up at your house, there is no guarantee that you are going to jail, but do you really want to take the chance and find out? They are hands down one of the most ruthless government agencies on the planet, and the only sure fire safe way to avoid being nipped by them is to take the preliminary moves to ensure that you are 100% on top of your game in the tax world.

Kenny Crandell

Tax Freedom Fighters


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