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When to buy : Best Buying Tips

Updated on July 15, 2010
When To Buy: Best Buying Tips
When To Buy: Best Buying Tips
I Love Shopping
I Love Shopping

Do you love shopping??? If yes then do you buy the right things at right times???


Actually, buying is an art. There is no sixth sense required to find a best bargain. But the key to find a good bargain is timing—off-season, end-of-season, new models bringing down prices on the old models. There’s a pattern and a perfect time to buy just about anything. So, here I have pen downed a list of best bargain times for things. I recommend you to bookmark the page and whenever you have to find a best bargain just go through the list.

Best Buying can save money
Best Buying can save money

Real estate: The months from March to August are dynamic months for buying and selling, so if you are looking for a good deal then will have better luck negotiating on an offer in autumn or winter.

Furniture: The best buy time is from January and July And during the special occasion sale like New year, Christmas.

Flooring: The best time is at the year end or on special occasion sales.

Home appliances: There is a thumb rule for buying most of the electronics item buy when they become outdated i.e. when new models arrive in the market. Otherwise you can also find best buy time during special occasions.

TV: Best buy time can be from August to September coz during this time new models arrive and you can get discounts on previous year models.

Air conditioner: The best buy time is during the winter season i.e. Off season sale.

Shrubs and trees: The best time to buy the bulbs is autumn store them according to the direction of the packet.

Flowers—The best time to buy flowers is during their season e.g. Tulips are less expensive in February, Peonies in May.

Car: The best time to buy is in the month of September. Try to buy the last year models.

Clothing: The best time to buy is the weekend sales or off season sale.

Jewelry: Don’t try to buy the jewelry during holidays.

Digital camera: Shop in the month of January or February to get the best deals on last year models.

Cell phone: Best buy can be during the introductory price months or or during some clearance sale.


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