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Find Furniture For Free!

Updated on July 21, 2012

A Guide To Getting Your Home Furnished At Little or No Cost

You never realize how many things you acquire until you move. Moving is not only tiresome, stressful, and costly, but you find yourself always wondering what to do with all the junk. That junk is sitting in my home today. Clean, comfortable and nearly free. A couch, recliner, wing back chairs, bed frames, tv stands, coffee tables, lamps, dining room table, desks, vanities, and even a dryer (the washer came with the apartment) for less than 50 bucks. No kidding. It took about four months to find everything I needed, but it was definitely worth the wait. Follow these steps and you'll definitely be rewarded!


The Search Begins!

The first step in getting your home furnished is figuring out what you need. If you're looking for bigger pieces of furniture make sure you measure. You don't want to find a couch and it not fit through the door. Type or write down what you need (and your door frame measurements) and start checking out your local newspaper, trading journal, craigslist, and facebook. Your local newspaper may have a section on yard sales that will come in handy. Check facebook and see if there is a local page where people can add their yard sales or things they have for sale. Once you've checked out where the sales are, again make a list. Write down all the locations where you could possibly find what you're looking for. This will save time when you're driving around looking for yard sales. You'll know exactly where you're going and won't waste time driving down endless streets looking for a sale.You may also be able to find some smaller pieces of furniture at a flea market.

Actively Ask Relatives and Friends

If you work on the weekends or there are limited yard sales and flea markets in your area, check with your relatives and friends. I found the majority of my furniture by word of mouth. Relatives are often more than ready to assist. This is a great way to find furniture for free. People are always moving, doing away with the old and in with the new. If you know someone that's actively involved in the community, goes to church, or has friendly co-workers, someone is bound to be getting something new-- and will be more than happy to pass on what they can't use. If you're willing to drive to their home and get it, chances are they'll just give it to you because it makes their lives easier. If someone is having new furniture delivered, most of the time the company will take the old stuff away, for a price. If you're willing to come pick it up-- you're saving them money!


Goodwill Stores

If everything else has failed and you can't find what you're looking for head on over to any Goodwill, Salvation Army, or consignment shop. The prices may be a little higher in these shops, but will still save you hundreds of dollars. I actually went to our local commission on aging. They have a room where members can bring their "junk" to sell. I bought a brand new microwave for twenty bucks! Just because it's second hand doesn't mean its trash. Just keep in mind if you're actually purchasing something, make sure it's worth it.

When you're on a budget it may take a while to collect all the things you need. Over time you can replace your second hand furniture and do someone else the favor of supplying them with your "junk."

Websites such as Pinterest and other DIY sites give you inexpensive ways to transform furniture into beautiful pieces of art!

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