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Where Can I Find Money - 15 Great Ideas

Updated on October 11, 2012
Where Can I Find Money?
Where Can I Find Money?

Where can I find money

There are few among us who aren’t happy to find a little extra money. For those who would like to know where to find some money quickly, here are a few great spots. As in all things there are no free lunches, but with a little bit of effort, you are bound to find some extra money using these tips.

In last season’s pockets

We all know how great it feels to pull a $20 out of your pocket when you had no idea it was there. While that feeling may be great, it also represents an opportunity for you to find some long lost money. Go through the pockets of pants and see if you left something behind. More often than not, you will come across a few dollars.

In the couch cushions

The sofa is the old stand by for finding loose coins. It has almost become a cliché, but that is simply because it is true. You will find loose coins if you pull out those sofa cushions and do a little digging.

In the laundry room

Your laundry room is a great place to find a little extra money. Unless you have cleaned it recently, you are likely to find coins lying around and on a good day, you may even find a washed dollar or two.

Loose change in vending machines

You all know this one, but if you are really interested in finding a bit of free money, check for change in the return on vending machines. Who among us has not found a coin or two left behind in a vending machine. Make a point of checking machines and you will find money, the only question is how much.

Under public seating (benches, stadium seats etc.)

Stadiums with bleachers are fabulous places to find loose coins. Folks regularly loose coins as they sit on bleachers and often they won't retrieve those coins even if they know they have fallen. This represents a great opportunity for the intrepid hunter. A quick trip under the seats will allow you to pocket some change, and there are bleachers all over the place, so you will always have options.

Under carnival rides that go upside down

If you are lucky enough to have a local fair or carnival in town, you are nearly guaranteed to find some loose change. Find the rides that flip upside down and there will be coins scattered about. It is so common for riders to lose change on these rides that the operators will normally walk the perimeter of the ride each night to collect the lost money. Get ahead of them and pocket that lost coinage first.

Under vending machines

Yes, vending machine change returns are a great place to find a few loose coins, but you will have even better luck if you luck under the machines. You have to be willing to get down and really look, but there are almost always coins under machines as a result of the drop and roll effect. You know it has happened to you, so why not take advantage of those hidden coins that are sure to be just inches away.

Around parking lots in corners and landscaping

Parking lots are great places to find money. In particular, pay lots regularly have money along curbs and landscaping. As people are puling money from there pockets to pay, it is not uncommon for a bill to fall out and blow into these crevices and corners. Look around and you might just hit it big.


Much like vending machines, Laundromats make a great place to find some coinage. Make sure to not only check the change returns, but also look under and in between the washers and dryers. Finally, check inside each empty washer and dryer to see what treasure has been left behind.

Metal detect at beaches, ball parks, nature parks

If you have access to a metal detector, you are likely to find yourself some money. Go to any park or beach and simple scour the area. With a detector, there is a 100% chance you will find some coins, if you are willing to do a little searching.

Along the storm drains

Pedestrians regularly drop money as they go about their daily business and the astute treasure hunter can use that to his or her advantage. Search along the curb and around the storm drains of streets. Dollars tend to congregate here as wind and water move them to these areas. You will be surprised how often you will find money, if you just keep your eyes down as you walk along a city street.

Swim Suits

Girls, this actually works a bit better for guys, but you can still take advantage. Look in the small pocket of your swimsuits for a few extra dollars. Many men use that pocket to hold some emergency money when they go swimming, so there may very well be some forgotten money from last year’s water fun.

Your car's ash tray

This one is easy! Check you car’s ash try for loose change. We all drop our spare coins here and when you need a little extra, they are there for the taking.

Near parking meters

Parking meters are a great spot to find some change. As people are searching there pockets for the meter money, they often drop both coins and bills and never even know it. Take advantage of this opportunity by walking meter lines with your eyes pealed.

Your junk draw

Most of us have a draw in our kitchen or bedroom that serves as a catch-all for the various "junk" that we accumulate in our daily lives. If you are like me, you end up dropping coins in this drawer making for a great opportunity to find some extra money. You may be surprised just how much can accumulate in that draw once you set about cleaning it out.

No matter which of these suggestions you take, you are bound to find some extra cash for that immediate need. The beauty of these suggestions is that they can turn your search in to an adventure. An adventure that ultimately pays you for the fun.


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