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Where Can I Find Old Furniture?

Updated on January 24, 2018

Good Places to Find Second Hand Used Furniture

Since I was very young, I can still recall having a subtle fascination with old furniture. With age and a nursing career now, fortunately, this subtle fascination grew to the point where I was actually able to purchase some older furniture pieces that had caught my eye (within reason, of course). With a newly purchased home, my gradual pursuit of meshing my husband's taste and my own tastes, which are really quite similar, has led to our securing a few of these old furniture pieces. Our piano room, which gracefully displays a baby grand piano that we were fortunate enough to have passed on to us from my parents, now has two pieces of older furniture in the form of elegant cushioned seats, with a wide base, conveniently placed for the consumption of the music originating from the piano I had grown to love throughout my younger years.

This article will teach you all you need to know about where to find old furniture. It will cover the best places to start your search, and it will help you find affordable, cheap or even free second hand used furniture. The options in this list are just a starting point, but the purpose of the article is to get you started on learning where to find old furniture and save you a buck or two!

Well let's get to it and learn where to find old furniture now!


If you've just moved, or if your place is still lacking in proper furnishings, you're probably looking for options. If you're like me, you want to furnish your place in a stylish yet affordable manner. This can be quite the challenge today; prices seem to keep going up while our paychecks don't match. To furnish your home in a stylish and price friendly way, I highly recommend learning where to find old furniture.

Price and Expectations

If you're wanting to find out where to find old furniture, you should be aware that that's a loaded term. Old furniture can mean two things: inexpensive, second hand, used furniture, or it can mean super expensive, rare and unique antiques. Sometimes it can mean both cheap and antique, if you're lucky. To narrow your search for where to find old furniture, you should first assess your expectations and needs. It is possible to find super rare and unique antiques for low prices, but that's a difficult thing. It's much easier to learn where to find old furniture that is unique, comfortable and attractive, even if it doesn't bear that coveted 'antique' title.

Also, be aware that everything is getting more expensive, even second hand used furniture. Thrift stores and second hand furniture shops are raising their prices just like everyone else, and our tough financial times don't make this kind of shopping any easier. I will talk about where to find old furniture that's potentially free, but it's not a guaranteed thing.

The higher price for second hand used furniture is going up largely in relation to demand. People are either in the same boat as you (trying to furnish well with a low budget) or are simply after the latest trend: antique furniture and vintage appeal is on the rise these days. Learning where to find old furniture is a must, because there are many avenues you can follow.

Second Hand Shops, Thrift Stores

If you're looking for where to find old furniture, the most obvious choice is the second hand shop or the thrift store. This may seem kind of obvious, and I considered leaving this out of the list. However, I think it is important to go to the right kind of second hand shop. Second hand used furniture, as mentioned before, is getting more popular, and certain shops should definitely be avoided if you're trying to shop on a budget.

Go off the beaten track a bit. Drive a few minutes out of the main shopping district in your neighbourhood and search for a smaller mom and pop store. Definitely avoid the for-profit shops, look for charity organizations or non-profits. If the owner is mostly concerned with turning a profit you won't get as good a deal. In my neighbourhood there are many charity run second hand furniture shops and they are all very affordable, with lots of cool pieces.

If you're looking to learn where to find old furniture without going too far out of your way, a second hand used furniture shop can be a good resource no matter what the state of ownership. Commercially run stores will usually have cooler and more unique pieces, and you can haggle the price most of the time.


Estate Sales

If you're wanting to learn where to find old furniture, a little-known and excellent place to go is to various estate sales around your city. In these sales, either people move away or pass away, and their stuff must be auctioned off. With the family's blessing, prices are affixed to the various pieces, or an auction takes place. There will usually be a lot of antique collectors and furniture dealers looking for deals too, so you might have to bid against them. That said, you'll be shopping at near retail prices, whereas they'll back off before their profit margins disappear.

Estate sales are hit and miss, and you never know if you'll find something perfect. It's kind of exciting to participate in the hunt, so if you have the time to do it they are definitely worthwhile. Huge bargains are available due to the sheer amount of stuff up for sale, so if you're searching for where to find old furniture, this is a good bet. The second hand used furniture available here can be in great shape!

Relatives, Neighbours, Friends

You can usually have a lot of success learning where to find old furniture for free if you attack all available fronts at once. Asking around the neighbourhood is a great option for finding cheap or free old furniture, and many times people will be very grateful to have their space back. You'll need to act quickly if someone offers you something, because they may change their minds or get rid of it before you get there.

If you need a specific piece you should ask around your family, friends and neighbours. Social media is a great way to do this. Just post something about what you're looking for. You'll be amazed how many people will have second hand used furniture to offer you. How many times have you made an expensive purchase, only to find out a friend would have given you something similar for free?

If you're learning where to find old furniture, friends, family and neighbours are a great resource. Grandparents too!

Craigslist, Online Classifieds

You should keep your ear to the ground with online classifieds, because they are a great resource these days. Craigslist is a good one, as is Kijiji. These sites will often have incredible bargains, even free sections. You'll need to move quickly on any pieces that you really want, because you're sure to have tons of competition.

Second hand used furniture in these classifieds should be checked over thoroughly. There is no return policy when dealing with private sales, so inspect the piece inside and out to make sure it's sturdy and bug, smell and stain free. You'll also need to keep in mind how much effort will be necessary getting the thing home. If you have a compact car, you might want to bring your friend with the pickup truck along for the ride!


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    • Bercton profile image


      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very useful information on furnitures!

    • SaffronBlossom profile image


      5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Such a useful hub! I recently moved into my first house and have some rooms to fill...these tips will be very helpful. Thank you!


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