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Where To Find Cheap Accountancy Services

Updated on June 21, 2013

Starting a business is an incredibly exciting and busy time. Once your business idea has gelled in your mind and you have decided to proceed and move forward, there is a lot to do.

In fact, there can be so much to do that it is probably a good idea to include the pre-trading phase of your work in your business plan. This will allow you to have a detailed, step-by-step plan to follow. You will be able to lay out in front of you what needs to be done, what steps you should take and the processes which you should follow. A business plan on paper or on your computer will also let you detail any problems and things you must do in order to rectify them.

However, before you even put your plan together you need to think about your bookkeeping and financial record keeping. One of the best decisions you can make at this early stage is to go with a good accountant. You can find an accountant anywhere. But finding a cheap accountant and one who has experience in your field of business is not so easy. In this article we are going to give concrete suggestions on how to find a good accountant.

Local: An accountant in your vicinity may be accessible immediately and with ease. It is not difficult to find this person. You may have seen a business sign on one of your regular routes. You may also have contacts who know someone who works locally and has a good reputation. Be sure to have a meeting first and see if you are well-suited. Ask plenty of questions. What is his or her experience and how do they like to work. The advantage of using a local supplier is that you can meet if necessary and it is also easy to transport bulky files to their office.

Business Clubs: Business clubs proliferate today and they are rich with knowledgeable, experienced and helpful contacts who likely already have their own accountant. Seek out recommendations from these individuals.

Yellow Pages: The business directory will provide an extensive listing of support services not just for your local area, but for you region also. The display ads will be most useful, because they will described the type of services offered and any specialisms. This information will enable you to make the best decision about which firms to call and question.

Bank: Your business support person at your bank will have been one of your first ports of call when you set up your business. Just like business clubs, they are a wealth of information because they are well-connected locally and know most if not all of the business support businesses and organisations. Speak to your business manager at your bank and see if they can help you find two or three firms you can contact and check out before making a final decision.

Online: Searching online for what you need in terms of business support services is a good idea. The benefit is that you can find a firm located anywhere in the UK that can provide the services you need. You will be able to look at their experience, specialisations, knowledge and credentials. It could be that your local accountants do not offer the services you need, and an online service is a perfect fit for your business.

Friends: If you are going into business on your own, chances are you have friends who have made the same decision and are running their own ventures, both big and small. Speak to your friends the next time you see them and ask for a recommendation. Find out what their supplier is like, how they work, and if they have businesses as clients that are similar to yours. If your friends give a recommendation, chances are you will be happy.

Family: Family members may run businesses too. Ask who they use for the financials. If they don’t run businesses, they will have many contacts and friends who do. Ask them to put the word out that you are looking for a good and inexpensive accountant or bookkeeper. Your phone will be ringing in no time with enquiries from interested suppliers.

Other Business Owners: The one thing that is pretty common for all businesses is that they have an accountant - so if you haven't tracked down a suitable accountant for your needs form the suggestions above then you can always ask the businesses you visit. You local bar, cafe, butcher, baker the list goes on and on.

DIY Accounts: There is no reason if your business is simple that you couldn't do your own accounts. As long as you comply with the required government and tax regulations you could easily do your own accountants. There are loads of books and tutorials on simple bookkeeping and accountancy you can buy or borrow from your local library.

You will find that it is unlikely that you will change your accountant once you have started with them so do make sure that price is right for you, that the service they will provide is right and you can look forward to a happy long term business relationship with your new accountant!


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