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Where the Money Is In my Life

Updated on April 21, 2012

In a quest to simplify my life and also to maximize my time, I have decided that I have to clear a few things from my life.

I am planning to take a class in May and June that is two nights a week, which is going to limit some of my free time and availability to do things at home.  But at the same time, due to circumstances at work that I will not get into on a public forum like this; my income is going to be dropping in a few months.  So how do I maximize my time in a financial way while also having many demands on my time?


I make the most money by doing home parties.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had as many parties lately as I would like and have been making minimal money at this venture.  I am currently taking part in a booking challenge to try to fill my calendar up and make the income requirements that I need to make.  Thankfully, a few parties a month should help me to meet this.

Online Writing

I have been doing writing for the last 16 months or so.  This year I haven’t been making as much as I have in the past, partly due to just not being in the mind frame to do the work and partly a lack of work from some of my private clients.  But due to the time that is involved with doing writing, this is likely something that may have to be put on a bit of a backburner.  I have been doing some work to get residual income, and while I have done too much with it, I might still make a few bucks each month which will let me buy a coffee or two.

Blogging/Paid to Clicks/Other Online Ventures

I have been working on a new blog this year with plans to monetize it.  Unfortunately, after three plus months, I’m not getting to where I want to be with it.  While I have no intention of ending the blog, I may have to put this a bit more on the backburner at least while I am taking a class.  It still has a great potential, but right now, it just is not performing.  I am also involved with some paid to click sites, and as they do not require a lot of time commitment, I should be able to continue with them.

If only making money were easier, but then, everyone would be doing it leaving less for others.  But still… would be nice.


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    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 5 years ago from Canada

      Very true! I should write an updated hub. I use Amazon and Adsense now. :)

    • supermom_in_ny profile image

      supermom_in_ny 5 years ago from NY

      There are many ways to make money online that you should look into. Why? Passive income. I can't wait to check my computer to see how much I earned from Amazon sales, Google Adsense clicks, ebay sales and more. It's about working smarter, not harder.