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Where to Apply For an Ohio Golden Buckeye Card

Updated on September 4, 2012
Ohio Golden Buckeye Card
Ohio Golden Buckeye Card

What is an Ohio Golden Buckeye Card

An Ohio Golden Buckeye card is reserved for every Ohio resident who is 60 or older and for disabled Ohio residents under the age of 60. The Golden Buckeye program is voluntarily offered discounts to card remembers by businesses operating in Ohio.

How to Apply For an Ohio Golden Buckeye Card

A majority of Ohio residents will never need to apply for their Ohio Golden Buckeye Card. At the age of 60, the Ohio Department of Aging issues Golden Buckeye cards to all residents who have a valid state ID or state driver license. For those who want their own Golden Buckeye discount cards, but did not receive one shortly after their 60th birthday, follow the steps below to apply for a card.

  • First, call or stop in an Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles office. If the address they have on file is incorrect, it is likely the reason that a Golden Buckeye Card was not sent to your residence.
  • If there is another reason the card was not sent, go to a public library or public senior center. Most senior centers and libraries have the information necessary to apply for a card. For a map with a list of senior center locations in Ohio, visit the Department of Aging's website.
  • The location will need to verify that you are 60 or older, so take proof if you do not look over 60. Identification, including a copy of your birth certificate will do. If you are applying as a disabled Ohioan take one of the following documents: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) documentation, disability documentation for a state of Ohio or federal retirement system, or a Medicare card.

Discounts Available for the Golden Buckeye Card

From restaurants to services and retail locations, the Golden Buckeye Card is accepted by over 20,000 locations in Ohio. Some locations that provide discounts are Tim Hortons, Wendys, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, the Columbus Museum of Art, and many more.

In addition, Buckeye card holders are eligible to receive medication at a discount price through Ohio's Best Rx prescription drug discount program.


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