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Finding Good Deals and Tips On Buying

Updated on March 11, 2010

Where to look for good deals and tips in buying!

If you are looking for good deals on musical equipment then you need to know where to look for them at. But this also goes for anything you are looking for right now. The way our economy is right now there are great deals on everything and its out there for the picking. But you still have to be smart about you're money as well right? It's not a good deal if you are not getting the best prices for what you are looking for.

First of all try to know what you are looking for to buy. Do some research on those items before you ever go looking. Look for the best brands of what you are looking for and look at the reviews as well before you think it is a good product. Just because it is a name brand doesn't mean it is the best in it's category. And a sales person will try to make you pay more just because it is a name brand item. If you know what the ratings are you now have some ammo to use against that sales person.

1. EBay - Everyone knows of eBay and yes you can find some really great deals there. But you also have to beware of some things when buying things from eBay. They have now changed the rule on allot of things on eBay so there is less chances of this happening from years ago when it happened to me. I had bough a guitar with a cracked body and never got my money back from that person. So I was out $800.00 fast with a piece of junk! Not to say they still cannot get away with selling you a piece of junk. If they say it works great and it does? But there is a crack in the body near the neck and you do not ask? Well they are not liable. Make SURE you ask every question possible before buying on eBay and keep records of what you asked them by email until you are satisfied. I find most times if the person does not answer you back then it was a chance there was something wrong with that guitar or what ever you were trying to buy? But this article is not only about eBay. It is where you can find some good places to buy at, and maybe get some really good deals!

2. Swap Meets - They can be a good place to get good equipment. Not always will you find top of the line gear. But I have many times seen really great top of the line gear and that was in perfect condition. Not that I wouldn't put every thing I buy to the tests I use. I always will. I am a very picky person when it comes to buying things used, and even new! Test everything and make sure it is what you want to buy. Even compare prices if you can? I take my laptop with me to places so I can look up prices if I think they are too high?

3. Government Auctions - These are great places to find things like Homes. cars, planes, boats, etc... But they can be risky at the same time. Why? Because most of the time they do let you try them out before buying them. So they could need work on them or other things? But still you can find find some really great deals there. I found my second home in Arizona that was a $279,000 home for $40,000 at a government auction. There are also other type auctions to buy up lots. Those can be very good also if you resell things yourself. Still a little chance there is not much in them. But sometimes you can strike it big!

4. Private Owners - News paper ads from private owners can be a very good place to find what you are looking for. This is a good way to buy and pretty safe also. Because this gives you the time to ask the person face to face and try it. Being face to face with a person you can also read them to see many things. See things like if they are desperate or crooked? Do they talk allot of over selling it is a good sign there is something wrong. But not always the fact. Sometimes they are just trying to help. But you should be able to read the person pretty well. Now if you are selling a home you can also save allot of money by doing the steps yourself if the buyer agrees. But this takes knowledge on both parts to do so. But you both could save thousands! The steps you need to learn about selling a home are not that hard to do.

5. Pawn Shops - These are really great places to find good deals right now. They are over loaded with inventory and they may be willing to sell you much cheaper just to make some room in the store depending on what it is? Things like big speakers that take up allot of space. You may be able to talk them down pretty good just to clear up some space for them to put in other items the can make more money on. Learn how to look for certain things and try to think how they would. But it never hurts to mention it to them again in case they forgot? Tell them look how much space I will be clearing up for you if you give me a better deal. It may click on them if they are smart also. Most of the time they have over marked the items to begin with. If a pawnshop is not willing to barter prices with you then they may not be one you would want to do business with.I am sure there are other great places to find products to buy from so please list any ideas below to help us. I am not the best buyer but I am pretty good at what I do buy.

Some tips:

1. Never bring out you're cash in front of anyone! If they see you have it they are not going to go down. Remember they are trying to make money and you are trying to save it. It is a good idea to have cash on you. But if you do not like buying with cash you can see if they will take a check or credit card after you have made the deal of how much? Most times when making deals they want and are expecting cash!

2. DO NOT make them the first offer, let them make you an offer. Then barter it down.

3. Do you're best at not trying to look over anxious when buying it! If they see this in you're face they will use it against you to keep the price as high as possible. Its kinda like playing poker with you're game face on.

4. Buying used can be just as good as buying new depending on what it is. And you can save allot of money for buying something that has been used for a short period of time. I would be more careful with electronics and things of that nature. Most used item do not come with a warranty.

5. Another way to save money is to coupon clip. I don't care if you have money pouring out of you. If you are not smart enough to save money you probably will not be smart enough to keep it saved. Using coupons will save you allot of money each year. Also coupons you clip but do not use? Leave them in the area where others can use them. Maybe they will do the same thing and you can pick up a few in the store that you did not have yourself. Although buying in bulk is also great way also to save money. That's if you have the space to put the items you bought in bulk? If you live in a small apartment or not that much storage space or a extra freezer. Chances are you might not have the space to buy all you're products in bulk.

6. A good tip on eBay is to also look at the shipping prices. If the shipping is to high and it adds back to the price of the item, you might not be getting such a great deal after all. I have seen the price become as much as buying the product brand new. So do you're research on those items!

Please if there is anything you can add to this to help us all out. Just put them in the comments area below. If there is more I can think of that I forgot I will add it. In times like these we all need help in saving money.

David William Reid


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