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Where to Find Printable Online Coupons

Updated on September 17, 2012
You can save money on all your needs by printing online coupons.
You can save money on all your needs by printing online coupons.

Online coupons have become a great way to save on groceries, household goods and services. Why spend hours searching through newspaper inserts and clipping coupons when you can simply select the coupons you want to use and print them on your home computer? This article features the best places to find online printable coupons so you can get started saving today.

Online Coupon Sites

Sites like and are go-to places for printing online coupons. They allow you to simply select the coupons you want to print. You can enter your zip code to find regional deals.


Businesses and manufacturers often offer coupons on their Facebook pages. Typically, the company will allow you to print the coupon or offer after you "Like" the company's Facebook page. Offering an incentive to "Like" their Facebook pages allow companies to increase their presence on Facebook and other social media sites.

Product and Manufacturer Webpages

Many manufacturers offer coupon pages on their websites where you can print coupons for a variety of products offered by the manufacturers. Not only does this help manufacturers connect with consumers, but it also draws attention to their webpages and shows consumers their entire product line.

Store Webpages

Many stores, such as Target and grocery stores, offer printable coupons on their webpages. Sometimes they are store-specific coupons, but other times the coupons can be used at any store. Some store loyalty programs allow you to select coupons and deals and load them directly to a loyalty card, so you don't even have to print the coupons.

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