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Where To Find Free Coupons Online: How To Find Online Coupon Codes

Updated on June 4, 2010

What is an online coupon code?

If you have ever shopped at all online, you've certainly seen the spot to enter "coupon codes" somewhere in the payment process. Online retailers love sending out a short phrase or numerical code through email or on print to entice customers to come and purchase something. These codes also provide a means of knowing which advertising campaigns are most effective.

It can be quite tricky to come upon these discounts... for most folks it comes down to luck. They were simply in the right place at the right time. Nowadays however, a number of sites exist that provide these coupon codes for free.  They do the legwork by hunting down these discount codes, so you don't have to!  In these tough economic times it is especially important to save whatever one can, and now you will be able to.

Forget the old fashioned way of coupon hunting.
Forget the old fashioned way of coupon hunting.

Free Coupon Code Websites

But where can one find these fabled coupon sites? The answer lies within your heart. Search tú corazon deeply and you will find the coupon codes that you seek, young one.

However, I will not reveal these sites quite so easily. You must search and search. It's actually really quite simple. Just do a Google search for "online coupon codes" and you'll come up with the top results.

Actually, you know what, I'll let you know about two of the best sites for this sort of thing.  Retail Me Not and Current Codes.  The former is the most user friendly of the two, just type in a site's web address and it will show you what coupon codes are currently available.  Plus folks vote on the most reliable so it's more likely that you will receive a working code.  If Retail Me Not doesn't have what you're looking for, however, check Current Codes to see if they do. 


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    • profile image

      Pwince 6 years ago

      Here are also good deals if you like coupons :)

    • Capt and The Kid profile image

      Capt and The Kid 8 years ago

      This is good stuff. We're always lookin' for a deal.