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Why You Should Invest In Export To Developing Countries

Updated on September 5, 2011

Trading in export to specific large market in developing countries is one of the best ways to make money. But when this investment option is brought to the table, the average man would want to think that engaging in foreign trade involves the complexity of international trade and large very finance. The Truth is that, as little as 10,000 USD, an individual could begin a foreign trade that could guarantee a high return within a short period of time.

Bundle of Hundred Dollar Notes
Bundle of Hundred Dollar Notes

Making money in this way involves importing cheap products that are not produced in the destination country. Most developing countries are consumer based in that they rely on foreign importation of finished produce, and marketers of such produce are either at the minimum or nearly absent in some cases.


Small business owners from Europe and America tend to focus on an evidently highly competitive local market. Small wonder, an internal economic crisis such as the recent reality in the USA and Europe could affect in strong terms. But what the small business entrepreneurs do not always consider is that, their services could attract a higher patronage abroad, and might even find a more attractive business climate in some countries.

For example, very many small ceramic producers are having a tough time competing with mega-factories for the italian local market. It's so tense that some had to close down. But we came in contact with one lucky entrepreneur. In a bid to strike a partnership deal, we was told how he could revive his business by exporting to African Countries. But the man simply waive it off because the Africa he knew was too poor to afford his product and Services.

But we began to buy from him with the little money at our disposal. After three consecutive order, the man invited us for a coffee with the intention of coming with us to that place that revived his sprawling ceramics factory. But the man was surprise that what it required was to simply go to a ceramic trading store to ask if they would need some with a little discount. Now he travels with us to Nigeria every two months with large consignment of ceramics of different designs.

The Nigerian Cities are rapidly expanding with new buildings. Coupled with a very large market that is ensured by the population of over 150,000000 people and a lack of Ceramic Factories, taking into ceramics importation was a good idea that have seen Mr Graziano made so much money within a short period of time.

The Chinese need not to be told about the market potentials of the developing countries. Most of their goods are geared towards these markets. They produce with cheap materials so that the product could be affordable by the target markets. One Chinese product that have been successful is a group of cosmetics made from Aloe Vera plants.

Although the Chinese are not there Physically to market the product, it is a success that is well embedded in the society.

Essentially, the best way to make easy money today is to sort for goods within your vicinity and look for a country that is not into the production of that product, study the market condition and begin exportation. Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and order stable countries in Africa are barren soils for an array of goods.

But partnership with an individual who is conversant with the subject market is important. But one must be careful when dealing with individuals from a country that is known for fraud. what is required is that do not deliver goods without payment, do not pay for anything in advance, only deal with people who are represented physically. And make use of the Bank for every transaction.


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    • profile image

      Alexander Fornino 4 years ago

      Brazil is a rapidly developing country with businesses willing to make trades or utilize investments. provides access to these businesses for business-to-business deals and more. With B2B Brazil, you can easily get in contact with Brazilian businesses.

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 7 years ago

      William R. Wilson, Perhaps you could invest less.

    • William R. Wilson profile image

      William R. Wilson 7 years ago from Knoxville, TN

      Very interesting! Now if I only had $10,000 to invest!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Enjoyed reading your Hub. Golden advice you gave in the last paragraph. Scammers can be found in every Country these days.


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