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Who says I'm busy counting the chickens before they're hatched?

Updated on September 16, 2012

The danger of knowing that you will have enough to spend

Yes! You have read that right. It is most of the time dangerous to know that you will have more than enough money to spend, especially when this happens only a few times in a year. You imagine things like getting a new handheld device, or a gaming console, or going out with friends or family somewhere in Asia, or taking a cruise. Wow. What a feeling!

Again, it sounds dangerous to me.

Why I do not count the chickens

When the bosses in our company announced a major system enhancement, they decided to increase the overtime incentive to more than 100 percent!

computation is: number of Overtime hours rendered x OT pay incentive amount + regular pay - TAX.

This is the first time in my 3 years in the company that I actually witnessed smiling employees while rendering overtime hours, this increase is a blessing to most of us. The clients are so insensitive that people from different departments come and go so quickly, and I believe this is the first time that they gave in to their employees. Though I know this company can give more.


If you know that you are about to earn 3 times as much as you are originally getting every cutoff, What would you do?

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There is no rush in making a decision

Maybe we are allergic to getting enough money. If we know that a large sum is on its way, let us try not to be impulsive. I talk to myself sometimes, I always try to make an excuse to convince myself that I need this or that, though sometimes it helps me a lot.

Me: My parents would love to play in a tablet, but moving while playing xbox + kinect sounds more healthier, good for the heart and can be enjoyed in a large HD ready screen.

Me2: But you don't have enough to pay for the house bills. By the way, I think the ipad2 would be nice because you can start writing your hubs anywhere, but man think about what is going to happen next month.

Me: I have decided, I'll fly out of the country and look for a job, and probably earn more, by that time I could buy us the tablet, the gaming console and a Gigantic Television enough to replace the wall in our room!

Me2: Lord, I pray that You will be my guide in all the decisions I make, in all the thoughts that I have. and all the words that I say. Forgive me for being so materialistic. Amen.


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